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Portable CMM Technologies

Selecting 3D Scanning Technology

Portable CMM Technologies

At Exact Metrology we have stocked our tool kit with a wide array of portable measurement technologies. For each project we will select and/or combine the best tools, choosing from:

Articulated Arm

We rely on the industry's most innovative, lightweight systems from Romer which allow us to take the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to the part or object rather than trying to move the work piece.

Blue Light Scanning

In recent years the color of the light from “White Light” has been changed to blue. This is more a marketing issue because studies have shown the color of the light does very little to the data. Our system can be ordered in White, Blue, Green or Red light.

CT Scanning

This emerging technology is the only way to see inside and outside that part at the same time without destroying that part. The concept is the same as used in the medical industry to see inside your body but we use it at a much higher accuracy level for metrology work on your parts. So if you need to see porosity, wall thickness, sealing surfaces, part interference, or just dimensional CT is the only choice.

DMM (Dynamic Measuring Machines)

Through the use of Dynamic Measuring Machines (DMMs) we can capture the fast, complex motion of many objects over large volumes with exceptional precision. Our DMMs are equally capable of measuring both the fine subtlety of small movements and the gross dynamic behavior of large motions with exceptional resolution and range.

Laser Scanning

The most widely used scanning technology used by our team and the industry is laser scanning. I laser line emitted is being watched by a camera at an angle to generate 3D data. Usually a device tracks the location of the scanner in space and can even be operated within the processing software. Most of the system is self-adjusting so it can be operated with very little training.

Laser Tracking

Another portable CMM technology that can measure extremely large volumes very accurately. A laser beam is emitted and tracked by a measuring sphere and in the case of Leica a hidden probe tool called the T-probe is used giving the system complete flexibility when line of site is an issue.

Long Range Scanning

Our portable scanning technology allows our team to take detailed 360° snap shots of any structure, bridge, plot of land, plant or process operation with millimeter accuracy. This allows scans of complex, hard-to-reach or dangerous environments to be safely and accurately executed. Sample applications include historical and legal archiving, structural analysis and testing as well as on-line virtual showcasing and touring.


Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (PCMMs) have revolutionized the manner in which metrology can be used in manufacturing and industrial settings. Exact Metrology can come directly to you and perform measurement tasks and analysis right on the shop floor or inside any plant environment.

White Light Scanning

When the job calls for very accurate clean scan data we use white light scanning (also called structured scanning). The system projects a known pattern of light and cameras watch for the change in the patterns shape to determine the 3D contour. The data is very clean (low level of noise) and ordered. The system can be changed to take very small pictures for very small parts or large photos for larger parts.

To do your job right, a contract measurement services company cannot rely on just a single 3D scanning technology. That is why Exact Metrology makes more than a dozen options available to you.

The Right Technology

When selecting the right technology, there are many factors to consider:

  • Accuracy
  • Resolution
  • Measurement density
  • Speed
  • Distance

And many object characteristics to review, such as:

  • Reflectivity
  • Color
  • Size

With these factors in mind, we will select the best technology, or combination of technologies, for your measurement project. Count on our years of experience and application expertise.

Tiny to Mammoth

If you want to measure a strain gauge, we have the high-resolution, non-contact tools for that. If you want to document the passages of Mammoth Cave, we have the long-range scanner for that as well. And we have an arsenal of metrology tools for everything between the two.

Need a few million points measured from a distance of a few inches? We can do that. Millions of points at 900 feet? We can do that, too!

For each project, we will select—and possibly combine—the best technologies from the following classes:

Short Range Scanning & Digitizing

Non-contact measurement (scanning)

  • 3D laser scanners
  • White light scanners
  • Optical trackers

Contact measurement (probing, digitizing)

  • Optical trackers
  • Articulated arms

Long-Range Scanning

  • Laser trackers
  • Hemispherical scanners
  • Laser scanners

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