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3D Scanning equipment

3D Scanning Technologies

Exact Metrology has the experienced staff to consult on any 3D Scanning equipment, training and software. We can recommend the best 3D scanning solutions for the application. This includes not only the equipment, but the software. In addition, we offer 3D scanner rentals and used CMM scanners.

With laser line scanners, white light & blue light scanners, CT scanners & long range laser scanners Exact Metrology can fit the bill for just about any customer. With experience in various industries including  manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, medical & power generation, chances are we’ve been there; scanned that! With the ability to scan parts in-house or out in the field anywhere around the globe, we have the hardware, software and experience to handle your 3D scanning needs.

Non-Contact 3D Scanning

Our contract measurement services include a variety of short-range (< 20 feet) and long-range (20 to 900 feet) technologies, which use both contact and non-contact processes.

The non-contact, 3D scanning tools that we use are grouped in the short-range measurement technology class. Each of these technologies is portable, so we can bring the scanning services to you.

3D Scanning Highlights

When scanning your products, we will select the right technology that delivers the accuracy, speed and resolution you need for your application. We also consider the size, color and reflectivity of the object. The technologies that we use include laser scanners, white light scanners and CT scanners.

  • The laser scanners are usually mounted on a ROMER arm or tracked with an NDI optical system. This allows us to capture scan measurements in an area up to 18 feet in diameter and at a rate of nearly 500,000 points per second.
  • The white light scanners, which are mounted on a tripod, capture more than 1,000,000 points per second. In a single shot, the white light scanners take measurements in an area ranging from a few square inches to a few square feet.
  • CT scanners allow for the easy measurement of the internal structures of parts by generating a point cloud from a number of two dimensional x-ray pictures.

Each of the above 3D scanning technologies offers high resolutions of approximately 0.0005 inch. Combined with accuracies that rival conventional CMMs, our laser and white light scanning technologies are perfect for tiny objects or large manufactured parts.

PCMM Capability

When the advantages of a portable coordinate measurement machine (PCMM) are needed, we simply swap out the laser scanner for a touch probe on the ROMER arms and NDI optical trackers. This gives you the benefits of both high-density scans and high-precision point measurements on the same part.

Long Range Scanning

When your parts demand a longer range than 20 feet, we will roll out our 3D scanning and PCMM solutions that grab measurements at 30, 100, 500 and 900 feet.

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3D Scanning Options

3D White Light Scanners

  • Capture rates as low as a fraction of a second
  • Up to 6 million measurements per scan
  • Resolutions of less than 0.001 inch
  • Accuracy of +/-.001 inch (part dependent)

3D Laser Scanning/Arm-mounted

  • Measurement ranges of up to 12 feet
  • 6 DOF (degrees of freedom)
  • 450,000 points per second
  • Resolution of 0.001 inch
  • Accuracy of 0.001 to 0.004 inch (part dependent)

3D Laser Scanning/Optically Tracked

  • Untethered, walkabout scanning solution
  • Measurement range of 5 to 24 feet
  • 450,000 points per second
  • Resolution of 0.001 inch
  • Accuracy of 0.001 to 0.004 inch (part dependent)

CT Scanning

  • For evaluating insides of parts non-destructively
  • Generates point cloud from a number of two dimensional x-ray pictures
  • For parts made of plastic, ceramics, composite materials, magnesium, aluminum
  • Resolution of sub 0.001″
  • Accuracy of sub 0.001”

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