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3D Scanning Services

image of 3d scanning servicesOur scanning facilities and 3D laser scanning technologies will capture 3D measurements from objects as small as a pin head or as large as a nuclear power generation facility. When we remove the constraints imposed by conventional measurement technologies, the scope of applications becomes virtually limitless with 3D, digital data in hand. While much of our work is in reverse engineering and product inspection, there are so many other uses for our 3D laser scanning and 3D measurement data. Our team of highly skilled professionals can transform the raw point cloud or CMM data into output formats that are the foundation for design, documentation, visualization, and analysis as well.

Starting with your specifications for the application, as part of our 3D scanning services we will recommend the best technologies and a suitable file format, such as mesh or 3D CAD data, to meet your project’s requirements. In some cases, we may recommend combining our short-range, non-contact scanning and PCMM systems with our long-range, laser scanning or optical tracking technologies. But leave that detail to us.

For now, focus on what you need to do and contact our scanning facilities to discuss the next step.

The Best Technologies

At Exact Metrology we have stocked our tool kit with a wide array of portable measurement technologies. For each project we will select and/or combine the best technologies, choosing from:

Contact Measurement

A method of collecting single points relative to each other in small or large volumes. This information can then be used for evaluation, inspection, layout or basic geometric reverse engineering. For capturing localized or small volume information, digitizing or articulating arms are ideal. For larger volumetric projects, optical solutions like laser trackers and photogrammetry portable CMMs perform best.

Short-range Contact Measurement

Our PCMM solutions include two styles of touch probing (digitizing) that provide high-accuracy measurements of objects that fit within a 24 foot envelope.

Non-Contact Measurement

Three dimensionsal (3D) white light scanning or laser scanning, sometimes called 'digitizing", is the process of capturing the geometry of existing physical objects through the use of laser-emitting camera-like devices. Exact Metrology's laser scanning technologies or 3D Image Scanners capture the 3D definition of both small and large objects.

The non-contact, 3D scanning tools that we use are grouped in the short-range measurement technology class. Each of these technologies is portable, so we can bring the scanning services to you.

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We are equipped to fulfill your needs in the following disciplines:

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