Capture Internal Dimensional Data Non-Destructively

Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) scanning also referred to as industrial x-ray and industrial imaging, captures high-resolution images for precise measuring needs and/or for comprehensive inspections of internal structures. This includes all hidden features like undercuts which are not accessible using other non-destructive measurement methods. Industrial CT scanning services can help you improve product quality – during development and production – by identifying defects and allowing you to quickly rectify issues.

Benefits of Industrial CT (X-Ray) Scanning

  • Only Method to Get 3D Views of the Inside of a Part

  • Get True Dimensional Data Without Cutting the Part Open

  • Minimal Downtime Required to Capture Data and Troubleshoot Parts

  • Multiple Post-Processing Solutions from a Single Scan

CT Scan of a medical epinephrine auto injector

3D Metrology & Inspection From One CT Scan

With software that is now up to 14x faster for CT volume reconstruction; our industrial CT scanning system is set up for:

Non-Destructive 3D Testing

  • Internal Defect Analysis
  • 3D Quantitative Porosity Analysis
  • Assembly Control
  • Materials Structure Analysis

Reproducible, Precision 3D Metrology

  • Nominal-Actual CAD Comparison
  • Dimensional Measurements

  • Reverse Engineering/ Tool Compensation

  • Wall Thickness Analysis

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