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3D Laser Measurement and CT Scanning: Services, Equipment, Sales & Rentals

Exact Metrology, Inc. is a full service exact laser measurement company. In addition to selling CT Scanners and performing CT contract services on-site or in-house, we provide contact (Probing & Digitizing) and non-contact (3D Scanning) measurement, on-site inspection, and reverse engineering technologies. Our complete range of portable Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) and scanning equipment allows us to handle most measurement tasks at your facility. Once the measurements are complete, our team of technicians will convert and output the raw data into the model, report, image, animation or whatever deliverable best gives you the answers and results you need.

We also rent metrology equipment solutions, and offer software training.

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Here at Exact Metrology we’re always at the forefront of leading 3D Laser Scanning, 3D X-ray Scanning and Industrial CT Scanning technology. We perform these services in-house and on-site and very often the projects are interesting and the results informative.

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We've started a series of training, tips & tricks, unboxing, and product videos to assist through these trying times and social distancing.

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