stone navy medallion reproduction using 3D scanning technology

When it comes to building restoration and stone reproduction, Custom Stone Works of Cortland, IL knows their stuff. And when they contacted us to help with the reconstruction of a Navy Medallion, we were more than happy to help.

Using our 3D scanning technology to gather data the original medallion, replica molds were created including all the specific features, but enlarging the original (20” in diameter) to have a final size of 5-6 feet across.

“This is the largest and most detailed medallion we have produced,” said Paul Prchal of Custom Stone Works.

“And it was Exact Metrology’s scanning software that made this happen. We really appreciate Exact’s expertise and knowledge in this situation and would eagerly recommend them to others’ with like needs for scanning capabilities.”

We thank Paul for this opportunity and look forward to working with Custom Stone Works in the future!