Are you considering purchasing a 3D scanner, a CT scanner, or some other type of metrology or inspection equipment? Whether you are doing so for the first or subsequent time, you might consider going with a used metrology equipment option as opposed to purchasing brand new. These days, there are plenty of opportunities to buy these pieces of technology in gently used form. As a result of innovative expansion in the rapidly evolving field of metrology, there is a much-expanded supply of metrology equipment being produced (and replaced) year after year. 

While you might be tempted by the latest technology, we offer up a few compelling reasons to seriously consider seeking out a used option for your metrology and inspection equipment requirements. 

When You Need A More Cost-Effective Solution

If you have looked into purchasing metrology equipment, you have likely noticed the average cost of these devices, which is squarely in the range of five to seven figures. These costs can sometimes be prohibitive, especially for smaller businesses who may rightfully be searching for ways to upgrade their current technology and improve their throughput but must do so on a tighter budget. 

If those numbers are out of your price range, you still have options. Take a look at the used metrology technology market to see if you can find a model comparable to the latest one you may have had in mind. Sometimes, the main differences between the latest model and one that is a year or two older are negligible, and choosing the older model will not negatively impact your throughput in any way. And, perhaps most compellingly, used metrology equipment can cost 50-75% less than newly produced devices. 

Whether you choose to purchase the latest model or a comparable prior edition from Exact Metrology, you can rest assured that you will be gaining access to the technology-driven metrology world. And, when you do choose a used model, you are often doing so at a deep discount. 


In Order To Receive Additional Benefits

While some people may think of buying used as a second-tier option, there can actually be special benefits to choosing to purchase a piece of used metrology equipment rather than springing for the latest model. 


Some suppliers are able to offer factory recertification as well as an additional warranty for the used equipment they sell. On top of that, when you purchase used technology from a reseller with a reputation for tech education, you can gain access to additional opportunities for tech support and device training. These opportunities can lead to more swift implementation of the technology into your workflow as well as expedited throughput.


In addition to our inventory of purchasable new and used metrology equipment, Exact Metrology also offers extensive training opportunities. These opportunities are available to customers who have purchased both new and used equipment as well as to individuals who have purchased their technology elsewhere.     


To Take Advantage of the Vast Inventory of Used Metrology Equipment  

If your industry does not require you to feature the most up-to-date metrology equipment models (tip: most do not require this!), it is worth considering purchasing used so you gain access to a large inventory of technology options. Used inventories can offer much more variety than you will likely find from one manufacturer. Indeed, as many larger companies choose to demand the latest models of metrology equipment, Exact Metrology continues to amass a significant inventory of gently used and completely unused older models for you to choose from. 

In fact, used metrology equipment inventories can feature a variety of unique pieces of technology that may be perfectly suited to your needs. Additionally, you can seek out specific pieces of equipment, such as an Artec Leo Plus Handheld 3D scanner, in a used inventory. Often, users may find through research and discussion with metrology equipment professionals that models that are a year or two old are the ideal matches for their intended application.  

While we at Exact Metrology pride ourselves on supplying the latest technology, it is also important to us to offer options for selling back hardware when it is no longer appropriate for a customer’s needs, thereby adding to a robust supply of used metrology equipment. 


When The Metrology Equipment Reseller is Reputable

Of course, it is very important to choose a metrology equipment supplier and reseller that is fully reputable. This is especially true when purchasing a piece of used metrology equipment. There are many individual sellers online who may try to sell you a piece of decrepit equipment. And it will not do you a lot of good to purchase something like a 3D scanner or Hexagon Absolute Arm with no support, options for implementation, or opportunities for training to get your staff up-to-speed on operating the equipment. 

To avoid squandering the money you can save by purchasing a used piece of equipment as opposed to a new one, be sure you know what criteria to have in mind while researching metrology equipment providers. 

Some things to look for when choosing a used metrology equipment supplier: 

Comprehensive inventory of both new and used technology 

-Options for installation and implementation 

-Ongoing customer support

Robust training opportunities

-Experts in metrology who are familiar with the latest advancements in technology and education. 

-Positive reviews and customer testimonials that attest to the company’s commitments and to employee knowledge. 

-Access to the necessary software solutions for the equipment you purchase.


At Exact Metrology, we check all of these boxes and have a strong reputation in the metrology field. In fact, we were named an “official contact” by for 3D scanning and automatic solutions, offering support and guidance to US companies seeking to improve quality control processes. 


Contact Exact Metrology For More Information 

If you are looking to purchase a piece of used metrology equipment, we recommend taking a look through our inventory to get an idea of what we have to offer. However, keep in mind that we are frequently updating our supply as customers sell back or upgrade their technology, so it is always a good idea to check with us about what we currently have available for purchase or will likely have available for purchase in the near future. For more information on purchasing used metrology equipment, contact Exact Metrology.