Enhancing Lithium-Ion Battery Inspection with CT Scanning: Ensuring Safety, Performance, and Compliance

2024-06-27T13:42:06-04:00June 27, 2024|Articles|

CT Scanning Revolutionizes Lithium-Ion Battery Inspection As a leading CT scanning service provider, Exact Metrology is excited to share how our cutting-edge technology is transforming lithium-ion battery inspection and revolutionizing safety, performance, and compliance standards within the industry. Safety is extremely important in battery manufacturing, and lithium-ion batteries present unique challenges due to their chemical composition and energy density. Traditional inspection methods may not fully uncover internal defects or anomalies that could lead to catastrophic failures. Enter CT scanning—a game-changing solution that enables us to non-destructively take a deep look inside batteries, revealing potential risks such as damage, contamination, [...]