InnovMetric employee presenting PolyWorks 2014

On Wednesday, June 18, Exact Metrology held an Open House at its Brookfield, Wisconsin office to highlight PolyWorks 2014—InnovMetric’s universal 3D metrology software platform.

Featured topics were:

  1. Real Time Quality Meshing
  2. Geometry Controls and Report
  3. Implementing Guided Probing Measurement Processes

Throughout the day Exact Metrology’s staff conducted demonstrations and seminars at lunch time Dean Solberg and Joe Wright fired up the grill under stormy skies and unprotecting tent.

CLICK HERE to download Presentation Data, PolyWorks 2014 Software and PolyWorks Training Material

Watch the live presentation:

Open House Photos
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3 men in a workshop inside Exact Metrology in Brookfield Wisconsin Exact Metrology employee demonstrating PolyWorks 2014 on a computer while other men look on Exact Metrology employee demonstrating real-time quality meshing on a complex metal part
Exact Metrology employee demonstrating computer software in a classroom as two men look on Three men in a warehouse looking up at a scanner attached to a crane arm Several men including two Exact Metrology employees demonstrating PolyWorks 14 software and scanning
Three men in a warehouse looking at PolyWorks 2014 software on a laptop as four other men stand around talking Two Exact Metrology employees grilling hamburgers and hot dogs outdoors beneath a canopy Several people helping themselves to a picnic food buffet inside a warehouse