Exact Metrology employee using Artec Eva to scan normal left hand of student in classroom

Students at the Springfield Clark County Tech Center in Springfield, Ohio have taken on a task called “Project Helping Hand” dedicated to their fellow classmate Donald. The goal is to create a useable prosthetic for his underdeveloped right hand.

One of the class’ three 3D Printers will be used for prototyping the prosthetic while another will actually allow them to design it in 12 different materials.

But before they could get to the 3D Printing stage they had to initiate a 3D Scanning phase…and Exact Metrology volunteered to help—donating  its time and services. Using an Artec Eva, Greg Groth did 3D Scans of Donald’s hands to provide references for making the prototypes and fittings.

Follow Donald and his classmates, and watch Greg and Eva in action.

Exact Metrology employee using Artec Eva to scan underdeveloped right hand of student in classroom

The Artec Eva is a full-color, handheld 3D Scanner that can deliver quick, textured and accurate scans. The Eva doesn’t require markers or calibration, and is similar to a video camera which captures in 3D. Up to 16 frames per second are captured with the frames aligned automatically in real-time–making it very useful for the creation of special effects, medical and biomechanical research.

Exact Metrology wishes Donald the best of luck with his new hand and hopes his classmates receive a grade of A+ on such a worthy project.

View the thanks Exact Metrology received from the students at the Springfield Clark County Tech Center.