Exact Metrology President Steve Young was in our Cincinnati office when he noticed a gourd sitting on top of a table as part of a decoration.

With the holiday season approaching, his immediate thought was “’Tiz the Season…to CT Scan Stuff!” So he picked up the gourd and gave it to Jason Kleinhenz with the sole task of creating something cool and educational—but not necessarily in that order.

The outcome can be seen in the video below

The video really helps to demonstrate the capabilities and primary benefits of Computed Tomography [CT] X-Ray Scanning or Industrial Imaging:

It’s the only way to get 3D views of the inside of a part [or gourd]

  • It’s the only way to get true dimensional data without cutting up or destroying the object.
  • It takes very little time to capture data and troubleshoot problem parts
  • It allows for multiple uses with single scan (void analysis, inspection, volume, porosity, reverse engineering…etc.)

And with CT Scanning, deliverables are:

  • 2D Slices in the X, Y and Z axes
  • A 3D volume file
  • A free software program allowing viewing of the data in a 3D environment

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