New Trade Show Exhibit Unveiled at Two Events

Exact Metrology exhibition at AeroDef Manufacturing Event in Long Beach CA

Exact Metrology recently exhibited at two trade shows—underlying the growing importance and increasing demand for 3D and CT Scanning in diverse industries.

The AeroDef Manufacturing Event in Long Beach is the leading exposition for the aerospace and defense manufacturing industries. Attendees represented companies included Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Bell Helicopter Textron, Department of the Navy, General Dynamics and Gulfstream.

Aerospace was an early adopter of 3D scanners, portable coordinate measuring machines [PCMMs], laser scanners and laser trackers, and it continues to be a top user of scanning services and data. For aerospace, we have done it all…everything from reverse engineering of a flight control to 100% capture of an entire fighter aircraft.

The Medical Design & Manufacturing Event in Anaheim is a show for professionals responsible for the development of medical equipment and attracts industries including medicine, food processing, laboratory technologies, medical equipment and surgical equipment. Past companies in attendance were Abbott, Boston Scientific, GE, Genentech, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson.

Over time in this broad field Exact Metrology has worked with design engineers, manufacturing engineers, doctors, researchers and scientists on medical devices and equipment; implants, orthotics and prosthetics; and human structures.