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Preserving Ancient Artifacts in Peru

Preserving Ancient Artifacts in Peru


To bring supplies for a rural community’s school, preserve a large monolith that was found deep in the jungle, and preserve some ancient artifacts by 3D scanning them with portable Artec scanners. The data collected will be processed and converted to interactive 3D tools to be given to the Local Museum of Leymebamba and the local area communities as well as used for archaeological research by multiple teams.


Daniel Fernandez-Davila

Daniel is a Peruvian archeologist, teacher, and philanthropist who teaches in Massachusetts. He leads and coordinates the multi-disciplinary team. For 21 years he’s been an explorer in one of the most remote areas of Peru, the north high jungle of the Chachapoyas. Please feel free to google Daniel Fernandez-Davila, Wayland, or Loose Change for more info.

View samples of Daniel's work:


Jason Kleinhenz

Jason is an engineer with Exact Metrology, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who will be performing the data collection and processing.



Rachel Lorenc

Company: Johns Hopkins University Class of 2020
Role: Research Assistant
Sponsors: Austen-Stokes Ancient Americas Foundation Research Stipends for Undergraduate Study 



Nick Ciorogan

Nick is a filmmaker working on the film entitled “My Teacher”. His wife, Emoke will assist his filming as well as Laszlo Kovacs, who will be the audio engineer for the film. This will be Nick's fifth and Emoke’s sixth trip to the Chachapoyas with Daniel.

      Sample Video

Antonia Hieronymus

Antonia is a humanitarian who started Loose Change and an organization for prison inmate reform. Loose Change is the organization that raises money for school supplies delivered to the rural communities of the Andes of Peru.



Artec is supplying the Space Spider scanning equipment.

Assisting with post-processing including: creation of 3D models, 3D pdfs, and short videos.


Daniel Fernandez-Davila is a Peruvian archaeologist, a teacher in Massachusetts and for many years an explorer in one of the most remote areas of Peru, the north high jungle of the Chachapoyas. He has seen amazing cliffs with pristine mummy bundles that no one has touched, pre-Inca towers atop forgotten peaks and spectacular carvings and paintings no one else knew existed.

His story, in his own words:

I truly struggle as an archaeologist, every time that a local peasant tells me, "Daniel, stay longer; there is another huge tower there, and another mausoleum over there and that cave has paintings over there.” And then they ask, “Are you going to come back?" I try to reply kindly: “I will, I promise, I'll try for next year. (I've been coming already for 21 years).

In the past I could only take a photo and move on thinking, "How can I possibly save all these treasures for my own country and for the next generations to come?" The moisture of the jungle will destroy these treasures at a fast rate and there is not too much I can do about it. How can I save them for the local students, for the communities, so they can have records of their own legacy? Ultimately, these belong to them, these treasures are part of their ancestral history. 

This year for the first time I decided to take action. I'll start small. One treasure at a time. This year I want to 3D scan a large monolith with carvings that was found in the jungle.  There might be two more monoliths in the area as well. The rain is quickly eroding the carvings; soon they will fade away.

In order to achieve my goal I am hiring an engineer from Exact Metrology who will accompany me and digitize the whole monolith and reveal its complex carvings with 3D portable deep laser scanners. This will allow me to create images and drawings I can give to the Local Museum of Leymebamba and I will also share them with the communities of peasants around the monolith. If this small goal works it will be inspirational for me!

NOTE: Every year a group of students from Wayland, MA join their teacher on a mission to bring school supplies to the remote villages of Chachapoyas.

From the Heart [What Contributors to the Go Fund Me Account have said]:

“I love Daniel's passion and believe in his mission. He has and will continue to change lives and make this a better world in all of his pursuits. (He is an incredible educator!)”

“It is with much happiness that we support this adventurous and heartfelt endeavor. Through the efforts of Daniel (and his team), we will be able to rescue a piece of ancient history, a piece that is still closely connected to the people living in this mountainous region of Peru.”

“Daniel is doing a great job with the kids in Peru.”

“I care about preserving and studying ancient cultures so that children can better understand their present by understanding their past.”

“The world is a better place because of Daniel. What an inspiration!” 

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