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CT-Inline ProCon CT Scanner

The CT-INLINE is a versatile x-ray inspection system designed to be integrated into the customer’s factory control procedures. It can provide x-ray inspection at line speed at any point in the manufacturing or packaging process.

  • Transport system for full integration into the production line.
  • Systems are optimised to provide best possible resolution for the application.

X-ray inspection offers the capability to detect, measure and analyse features hidden from view.

The CT-INLINE can identify:

  • Contaminants such as metals, powders, bone, glass, PVC, plastics stone, ceramic, cement and rubber
  • Defects such as missing items, cracked or broken parts and misaligned parts


Tubes 130 kV sealed,
160 kV sealed
Detector Line detector
1 mm x 2000 mm
500 μm, 14 bit

Flat Panel detector
2k x 2k, 50 μm, 12 bit
Geometrics Spot detector distance FDD
650 mm / 300 mm

Spot object distance FOD
13 mm - 500 mm

Magnification up to 50 fold
Specimen 2 mm - 1500 mm, panels
and volume 100 kg
Resolution Min. Voxel size 10 μm
Inspection Speed Inline 10 mm / sec.
Dimension L 2000, W 700,
H 2000, 750 kg

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