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Industrial CT Scanning Services

Industrial CT Scanning Services | CT Scanning

Computed tomography (CT) is also referred to as industrial x ray and industrial imaging. It is an x-ray methodology yielding 3-dimensional (3D) results by placing an object on a rotational stage between an x-ray tube and x ray detector, rotating the object 360 degrees and capturing images at specific intervals—such as every degree or every half degree.

In order to render the 3D x ray model of the part or object the series of images is then reconstructed. Using our CT visualization software we can then slice through in any direction to produce the optimal views and images required for your analysis of the internal configuration.

The primary benefits of CT Scanning or industrial imaging are:

  • It’s the only way to get 3D views of the inside of a part
  • It’s the only way to get true dimensional data without cutting up or destroying the object.
  • Very little time required to capture data and troubleshoot parts
  • Multiple uses with single scan (void analysis, inspection, volume, porosity, reverse engineering…etc.)

Deliverables are:

  • 2D Slices in the X, Y and Z axes
  • A 3D volume file
  • MyVGL software from Volume Graphics allowing you to view the data in a 3D environment

Surface files and advanced reporting can also be supplied.

For our CT scans or CT x rays we will be using the v|tome|x M300Metrology Edition System from GE. Built in Wunstorf , Germany, this is a high end tool for 3D industrial imaging and scientific analysis tasks. According to Dr. Dirk Neuber (GE Germany), “Exact Metrology will be the first supplier on the American Continent to offer this latest CT Metrology Technology”.

With software that is now up to 14x faster for CT volume reconstruction; this is a powerful 3D Scanner System with measurement accuracy of 4+L/100um referring to VDI 2630 metrology guideline and is set up for:

Non-Destructive 3D Testing

  • Internal Defect Analysis /3D Quantitative Porosity Analysis
  • Assembly Control
  • Materials Structure Analysis

Reproducible, Precision 3D Metrology [especially for measurement of internal part geometries]

  • Nominal-Actual CAD Comparison
  • Dimensional Measurements/Wall Thickness Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering/ Tool Compensation

Scientific Analysis Tasks

Our “300” is also equipped with a direct measurement system for all linear axes, test phantoms for validation and performance tests, and highly automated procedures for axis, system and voxel calibration.


In contrast to conventional tactile coordinate measurement techniques, a CT acquires all surface points simultaneously—on even the most complex objects. This includes all hidden features like undercuts which are not accessible using other non-destructive measurement methods.

Benefit from both advantages of industrial CT—Combine 3D metrology and inspection within one CT scan!

System Highlights:

  • Industry leading magnification at 300Kv for high absorbing samples
  • Unique dual|tube configuration for high power uCT as well as high resolution nanoCT
  • First compact 300kV microCT system with < 1um detail detectability
  • 3D metrology package for precision measurements, specified referring to VDI 2630 guideline
  • Maximum sample size 19 11/16 inches wide x 23 5/8 inches tall and up to 110 pounds
  • Unique temperature stabilized digital GE DXR detector array (9 up to 30 fps) for extremely fast CT data acquisition

industrial ct scanning services, ct scanning

3D analyses of a scanned turbine blade.

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Advantages of our GE v|tome|x 300

  • Metrology Grade
  • Nanofocus Tube [180Kv/15W]
  • Microfocus Tube [300kV/500 W]
  • Temp-Controlled Cabinet
  • Water-Cooled Detector
  • Low Signal to Noise Ratio Detector
  • Diamond Window


  • Internal Dimensions
  • Porosity
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Sealing/Closures
  • Volume Calculations
  • Inspection [For Hard or Impossible Areas to Reach]

Industries Served:

  • Aerospace
  • Archaeology
  • Automotive
  • Castings
  • Die Cast
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Molds
  • Personal Products
  • Plastics

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