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Hexagon Metrology PC-DMIS Pro

Sophisticated Measurement Without CAD

PC-DMIS Pro is a fully featured metrology software which is the perfect choice for non-CAD applications.

If you don’t use CAD files in inspecting your parts, this software is ideal. PC-DMIS Pro lets you take advantage of the most advanced measurement, analytical and reporting capabilities without needing to purchase a set of CAD capabilities.

A set of powerful “Quick Start” routines that make fast work of routine operations. Qualifying probes and aligning parts is easy to do too.

PC-DMIS Pro is not a “stripped down” version of PC-DMIS, but rather the full featured PC-DMIS product in every way, with the exception of CAD import. It features:

  • A robust, COM-based architecture
  • An intuitive and configurable Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • A complete set of powerful measurement routines
  • A full set of reporting functions. [Plus, it has full PTB and NIST certification]

PC-DMIS Pro uses powerful Wizards to set in place pre-defined routines which can simplify tough jobs.

You can also upgrade your software as your needs change. If you have to use CAD in the inspection process, the upgrade is a simple one because PC-DMIS Pro is CAD-ready.

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