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    Reverse Engineering + CAD Modeling

    Reverse Engineering uses different forms of 3D scanning to create a CAD model where no model exists. 3D scanners, portable CMMs and laser trackers are used for other reverse engineering solutions beyond models including process optimization, full dimensional part inspections, part analysis, tool building, prototyping, and assembly integration.


  • Metrology Services | 3D Laser Scanning Services | Exact Metrology

    3D Scanning + Long Range Scanning

    Exact Metrology selects the right scanning technology that delivers the accuracy, speed and resolution needed for your application. Our non-contact 3D scanning tools are grouped in the short-range measurement technology class. Each of these technologies is portable, so we can bring the scanning services to you. When your parts demand a longer range than 20 feet, we will roll out our 3D long range scanning and PCMM solutions that grab measurements at 30, 100, 500 and 900 feet.


  • Metrology Services | 3D Laser Scanning Services | Exact Metrology

    3D Inspection + 3D Measurement

    The 3D measurement data from our scanners and PCMMs offers a comprehensive definition of a physical object that is used for measurement, inspection, comparison and reporting. When a part is defined by millions of points, you can see subtle deviations, slight variations and fine details to verify that a part (or mold) meets specifications. Exact Metrology delivers the best of both worlds. We combine 3D scanning with our contact, touch-probe measurement tools to deliver precise dimensions on geometric shapes.


3D Laser Scanning Services, Measurement Equipment, Sales and Rentals

Exact Metrology offers a complete line of portable scanning and measurement technologies as well as contract measurement for 3D laser scanning services, reverse engineering services, non-contact inspection, metrology services, 3D digitizing and training.

Metrology Services | 3D Laser Scanning Services | Exact Metrology

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