Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Leica

Model: AT960-MR

Serial #: 751568

Included With System

Leica AT960-MR Laser Tracker with T-Probe, and Tripod 2018

S/N: Leica Tracker 751568
S/N: Leica T-Probe 3337

Last Calibration Date: 8/9/2021

Systems Includes:

AT960-MR Absolute Tracker with Absolute Interferometer Distance range up to 20 m and Probing range up to 10 m.

AT960-MR Absolute Tracker Absolute Tracker 960-MR with Absolute Interferometer Distance range up to 20 m and Probing range up to 10 m. Includes: AT960-MR Absolute Tracker incl. transportation case – AT Controller (576871), MPS21, Power Supply Unit (576873), MCS11, Sensor Cable 1.5 m (576885), AT Quick Release Mount incl. Mandrel (576338), MCA18, External Temperature Sensor 2 m (576888), Red-Ring Reflector (RRR) 1.5” (575784), MSI26, Universal Stand Fixture (576895) , MAT33, Optical Cleaning Kit (576898), Protective Sensor Cover (827057).

T-Probe III (3rd generation) is a portable CMM solution for armless and wireless probing. The handy and light weight measurement probe with configurable function buttons allows measurements in small and large measurement volumes with minimal preparation time. The measurement range of the T-Probe III is up to 25 m in all directions. The T-Probe III comes with ruby ball stylus d=6 mm, T-Probe stylus adaptor, stylus compensation tool, power supply for battery, spare battery and transportation case.

T-Probe II styli kit Recommended stylus kit for T-Probe II. Comes with 5 different styli (Scribe
stylus r=0.1mm – M2, Ruby ball stylus d=3mm – M5, Ruby ball stylus d=6mm – M5, Ceramic
hemispherical stylus d=0.5in – M5, Ceramic hemispherical stylus d=1.5i

MST36, Portable Metrology Tripod (Carbon) Designed for Leica Absolute Tracker and Romer Absolute Arms.

System sold “As Is” on first come basis.

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