The InspecVision Accuity is an automated 2D and 3D inspection tool with a large field of view, telecentric gauging system. This newest addition to the InpsecVision line has a certified accuracy from 6 microns and scans parts greater than 160mm in diameter. The total set up and inspection time for parts scanned on this system is around 4 seconds, one of the fastest on the market.




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Technical Specifications

  • Max Single Scan Area | 119mm (X) x 90mm (Y)
  • Max Single scan depth | 60mm (Z)
  • Camera | >18 megapixels
  • Lens | Telecentric
  • 2D Single Point Repeatability 1 | 1.5 microns
  • 2D Accuracy 2 | 6 microns
  • 3D Single Point Repeatability 3 | 1.8 microns
  • 3D Accuracy 4 | 10 microns
  • 2D Scanning time | 0.1 seconds
  • 3D Scanning time 5 | 10 seconds
  • Peripheral equipment | Table lighting controller, Standard Computer Interface
  • Calibration Kit | Included as standard, retro-reflective reference markers mounted onto steel plate with repositioning frame
  • 3D Accuracy Verification Object | Included as standard, calibrated hardened steel ball bar
  • Accuity construction | Frame with removable sheet metal cladding
  • Projection Source | Full HD 1080p 1920×1080 native resolution LED projector
  • Data Cables | HDMI and USB3
  • Power Supply | 110-240V 50/60/Hz
  • Power consumption | 2 Amp maximum at 230 Volt, 4 Amp max at 110 Volt
  • EC directives | Compliant with Machinery, Low voltage and EMC Directives
  • Paint Color | Frame and Outer canopy: RAL5013 Blue
  • Ambient Operating Conditions | 5-35 degree C
  • Approx Footprint width/ depth/ height/ weight | 710mm (W) x 963mm (D) x 2005mm (H) 225kgs
  • Standard Packing | Export crate suitable for sea shipping
  • Warranty | One year limited warranty on hardware and software
  1. Tested using multiple scans of ISO10360-4 reference object in single position
  2. Tested on ISO1036-4 reference object by applying ISO10360-4 to 2D scanning system across > 80% of scanning area
  3. Tested using distance between ball bar spheres in single position
  4. Tested by measuring distance between ball bar spheres throughout the measuring volume
  5. Typical scanning time, may vary according to object surface finish and size
  • Actual measuring accuracies achieved will depend on operating environment, user input, quality and condition of materials