Year: 2022

Manufacturer: Hexagon

Model: Absolute Arm 8525-7

Serial #: 8525-7-12014-UC


Included With System

Hexagon 8525-7 Scanning Arm 2.5 Meter 2022 

S/N: 8525-7-12014-UC

Last Calibration Date: 11/1/2022


HEXAGON, Absolute Arm, 8525, 7-Axis with 2.5 m Measurement Volume, AS1 Scanner, CP-W Wireless Pack, Absolute Encoders and SMART Sensors, Zero-G Counterbalance with SmartLock and HomeDock, Wrist Display, Haptic Feedback, Spin Knob and Spin Grip, Magnetic Base with Mounting Ring, Base Plate with Mounting Ring, TESA TKJ Ball Probes: 3 mm Ruby / 6 mm Ruby /15 mm Steel, Certified Length Standard, Certified Sphere for Probing, RDS Maintenance and Interface Software, Travel Case and Accessory Case, Power supply, Hexagon Dust Cover, ISO 10360-12 Certificate,

Warranty Expiration Date: 4/25/2024

System is sold on first come basis

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