Year: 2020

Manufacturer: Leica

Model: RTC360

Serial #: 2982495

Included With System

Leica RTC360 2020 

S/N: 2982495

Last Calibration Date: 11/24/21

Package Includes:

RTC360 Laser Scanner, Qty 4 GEB361 Lithium Ion battery, 11.1V/5.6Ah chargeable, GVP730 Container for RTC360, Qty 2 MS256 Industrial USB Stick 256GB capacity, USB 3.0, GST80 Tripod Carbon, GVP736, Backpack for RTC360, Leica RTC360 QG,multil.1, RTC360 USB Documentation Card, PowerSupply Configuration, GKL341, Charger Pro 5000 Professional charger to charge up to 4x Discount 310.13-Li-Ion batteries GEB211, GEB212, GEB221, GEB222, GEB241, GEB242, GEB331 and GEB361, AC adapter included, AC power cable US to charger for Rugby/Javelin.

System sold “As Is” on first come basis.

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