Year: 2021

Manufacturer: Artec 3D

Model: Space Spider

Serial: #SP.10.71871313

Included With System

Artec Space Spider Handheld 3D Scanner

S/N SP.10.71871313

The Artec 3D Scanner is a high resolution, high precision, handheld 3D scanner. The Space Spider creates 3D images using structured blue light to capture geometry and texture while simultaneously processing up to 1 000 000 points per second. The Space Spider provides high resolution data (up to 0.15mm) and superior accuracy (0.03 -0.05mm). The scanner also utilizes “Real Time Fusion” making for easy data processing with minimal training.

All Space Spider systems include:

Space Spider scanner, USB/Power cables, Battery for Eva/Space Spider, Battery charger for Eva/Space Spider, Pelican case model #1610, and Artec Studio (1 year subscription) software

System sold “AS IS” on first come basis. 100% payment prior to shipping.

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