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Hexagon RS6 Laser Scanner

Hexagon RS6 Laser Scanner

The RS6 laser scanner is designed for high-speed & accuracy scanning. It can be mounted on to the Absolute Arm 7 Axis:

  • Scans up to 1.2 million points / sec
  • Wider laser stripe: 150mm at mid-range
  • Has a scan rate of 300 Hz
  • Has visual guide – provides real time feedback for stand-off distance
  • SHINE allows you to scan 99% of parts without touching the scanner exposure
  • Repeatable mounting, so that the scanner can be removed if necessary (for example measurement in an enclosed space) and replaced without need for calibration.
  • Certified to ISO 10360 8 on all 7 axis RA8 Absolute Arms.

With the RS6 Laser Scanner, there are no compromises. There’s no need to reduce scanning speed to achieve best-quality data; no sacrificing usability and productivity in the search for better quality. Just premium engineering that guarantees reliable, high-accuracy results.

The RS6 is a productivity machine that makes the Absolute Arm more powerful than any other portable measuring arm on the market.

With the RS6, users get more done and they do it better; it’s as simple as that.

Designed to SHINE

Built on unique SHINE technology, the RS6 Laser Scanner always delivers full scanning performance, even on the most challenging part surfaces. Whether faced with glossy black plastic automotive body parts or moulded carbon-fibre components, this innovative exposure mode allows the RS6 to scan with no reduction in quality or productivity. Full frame rate and full laser line width, without spray and without the forced performance reductions that are a hallmark of other scanners.

That’s the power of SHINE – full performance laser scanning, all of the time.


The New RS6 Laser Scanner – All the Performance, All of the Time

When compared to other scanners the RS6 has:

  • 3X faster frame rate
  • 30% wider laser stripe
  • SHINE gives excellent scanning performance on difficult surfaces, all of the time

Easier to measure than with any other arm mounted scanner. Just walk up, and measure.

  • Less preparation
  • Less set up
  • Less settings
  • Scans at full frame rate, with full line width, all of the time

The new RS6 has been tested with the following application software:

  • Polyworks
  • BendingStudio
  • Inspire
  • SpatialAnalyzer
  • Apodius 3D Explorer
  • Geomagic Design X, Control X, Wrap
  • 3DReshaper Meteor

Key Features

  • High-quality scan data collected at full speed, whatever the part.
  • Scan 99 percent of surface types with default exposure settings thanks to SHINE technology.
  • Extra-wide scan line for faster part coverage.
  • High-quantity data collection without sacrificing data quality.
  • Easily removed from the arm for better usability while probing.
  • Remountable in seconds with no time-wasting recalibration.
  • Horizontally oriented scan line for more comfortable measurement.
  • Projected laser range finder makes correct scanner positioning simple.
  • Full System Scanning Certification defined according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D.


Accuracy 0.026 mm (2σ)
Point Acquisition Rate up to 1.2 million points/s
Points per Line max. 4000
Line Rate max. 300 Hz
Line Width (mid) 150 mm
Standoff 165 +/- 50 mm
Minimum Point Spacing 0.027 mm
System Scanning Certification yes
Laser Class 2
Operating Temperature 5–40°C
Weight 0.4 kg

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