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artec 3c scanner

The Artec 3D scanner is a revolutionary portable camera that produces three-dimensional images for every frame of video. The software that comes with the Artec 3D Scanner seamlessly combines still images of your object into a high-end three-dimensional rendering. All you need to do is walk around the object with your Artec 3D Scanner to capture a 360-degree view of the object and let the software do the rest.

Accurately capture 3D renderings for animations and graphic design, medical imaging, engineering blueprints, product development and design, and so much more with Artec 3D Scanners from Exact Metrology.

Artec Eva™ 3D Scanner

The Artec Eva™ 3D Scanner is a portable handheld 3D scanner that’s lightweight, quick, and accurate. For measuring and three-dimensional rendering on the go, Eva provides accurate scans without the need for markers or calibration. Capturing up to 16 frames per second, you’ll get enhanced images in less time than with other scanners on the market. The Artec Eva™ 3D Scanner from Exact Metrology is the ideal solution for capturing real-time 3D images in a mobile, fast-paced environment.

Artec Space Spider

Designed for CAD and reverse engineering professionals, the Artec Space Spider provides industry-leading precision for all of your 3D scanning needs. The Artec Space Spider is ideal for additive manufacturing, quality control, mass production, and so much more. The streamlined design makes the Artec Space Spider simple to use, all while offering high-resolution 3D scans.

Artec Leo 3D Scanner

With an intuitive user interface that allows you to view your 3D rendering as it’s processed, the Artec Leo 3D Scanner is the first 3D scanner on the market to offer real-time onboard processing. 3D scanning has never been easier than with Leo. The onboard touchscreen allows you to review progress on the scan and re-scan areas that you may have missed after the rendering is complete.

Artec Ray

Ideal for large-scale projects, the Artec Ray offers the fastest and most accurate scans of large objects. Using submillimeter distance accuracy, you’ll be confident that your scans are precise every time. The Artec Ray is perfect for construction projects, airplane scans, 3D building renderings, and so much more.

Artec Micro

Making 3D scanning simple with a fully automated tool. The Artec Micro is the ultimate technology to bring small object scanning right to your desktop. Featuring 0.010mm  point accuracy, 0.029mm resolution, and a 6.4MP camera to capture texture.

If you need more information about Artec scanners, check the portable 3D scanners page on their site.

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