3D Scanning Services and Equipment



Feel free to download the files listed below to experience the quality of our work and to see examples of the models, files and reports that we can deliver.

Short Range Scanning Samples

Bentley Fender

Exact Metrology 3D laser scanned a busted Bentley (MKVI H.J. Mulliner Lightweight ‘Saloon Coupe’) fender. Utilizing the scan data and 3D systems software Exact was able to recreate a fender that can be remanufactured.

Download Model

Bentley Fender by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab


Sports Car Rim

Exact Metrology reversed engineered a sports car rim off of laser scan data.

Download Model

Sports Car Rim by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab


Large Blisk

Exact Metrology Atos Triple Scanned a legacy blisk for Reverse Engineering.

Download Model

Large Blisk by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab



Exact Metrology Bluelight scanned a Dory toy for 3D printing.

Download Model

Dory by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab



Exact Metrology bluelight scanned a Nemo toy for 3D Printing.

Download Model

Nemo by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab


Exact Motorcycle Cover

Exact Metrology Bluelight Scanned a Motorcycle Cover for the client to 3D print a master copy.

Download Model

Exact Motorcycle Cover by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab


Large Turbine Blade

Exact Metrology laser scanned a large turbine blade. 3D Systems software was then used to reverse enginner the blade.

Download Model

Large Turbine Blade by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab



Exact Metrology CT scanned a vane for Reverse Enginnering.

Download Model

Vane by Exact Metrology on Sketchfab


Long Range Scanning Samples


Free Software for Viewing Files

Leica TruView

This Web-enabled panoramic point cloud viewer lets you view, pan, zoom measure and markup point cloud data over the Web.

Download your FREE copy of Leica TruView.

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