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Long Range High Definition Scanning

Long Range Scanner

Long range scanner and PCMM technologies give you the unrivaled ability to measure large or distant objects quickly and accurately.

High Definition Scanner Highlights

For a smaller number of precise measurements, we offer two types of PCMMs. In ranges up to 33 feet, the optical tracker provides touch probe measurement with the freedom to move anywhere in the field of view (FOV). The other option, which allows measurements up to 525 feet away, is the laser tracker. This tracker targets a precise, spherical reflector.

For high definition measurement applications, we use laser scanner technologies that produce from 50,000 to over 1,000,000 measurements per second. The capture rate is just as impressive as the range. With the inventory of large-scale metrology tools that we carry, objects can be measured at ranges of 20 to 900 feet.

Long Range Scanner Samples


Free Software for Viewing Files

Leica TruView Long Range Scanner

This Web-enabled panoramic point cloud viewer lets you view, pan, zoom measure and markup point cloud data over the Web.

Download your FREE copy of Leica TruView.


Our long range laser scanners are typically set up in multiple locations to collect very large data sets. The data set from each location generates a point cloud and each of the point clouds are then stitched together to create a 3 dimensional space. Many times we are asked to surface the point cloud to generate a workable CAD model for our customers. These CAD models are generally used for factory/shop floor layout plans, power plant equipment change outs, proof dimensioning and fit for large scale interior or exterior buildings, statues and historic architecture preservation.

Long-Range High Definition Technologies

Laser Scanners

  • Range of 1 to 900 feet
  • Capture rates of 50,000 points/second (900 feet) and 500,000 points/second (260 feet)
  • Spherical laser scanners

Laser Tracker

  • Up to 525 foot range
  • Up to 1,000 measurements per second
  • 25 micron accuracy

Hemispherical Scanner

  • Up to 150 foot range
  • Up to 1,000,000 points per second
  • Sub-millimeter accuracy

Optical Tracker

  • 5 to 24 foot range
  • 0.002 to 0.007 inch accuracy
  • Touch probe measurement and inspection

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