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3D Reverse Engineering Services

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse engineering is oftentimes a catch-all term used for many design and engineering applications.  But  trust us, there is so much more to this category for the uses of our 3D scanners, portable CMMs and laser trackers. Also, reverse engineering tends to imply that the 3D scanning will be used solely for product design, when in fact it can be used to address many other engineering functions such as:

Product design and manufacturing

  • Legacy part repair and re-manufacturing
  • Product benchmarking
  • Documentation and archival
  • Product redesign

Facilities maintenance and plant engineering

  • Site documentation and measurement
  • As-is analysis
  • Equipment placement and installation
  • Documentation and archival

Architectural and civil engineering

  • Defect/deterioration documentation
  • Remodeling and repair
  • Site planning

Custom manufacturing

  • Custom-fit products
  • Medical devices

For these design, engineering and manufacturing applications, the output is usually a mesh (STL file), NURBS surface or 3D CAD model (static and parametric).

Exact Metrology utilizes a wide range of metrology equipment and hardware  along with a team that has years of experience in 3D Reverse Engineering Services.

  • Laser line scanners for quick and accurate data collection
  • White & blue light scanners for detailed work
  • CT scanners for interior non-destructive data collection.

Our team also utilizes many different post processing 3D software platforms to fit the needs of customers. From  STL point clouds to full polygonal models our team of skilled metrologists can suit your needs on site at your facility or in-house at our Cincinnati, OH or Brookfield, WI office just outside of Milwaukee.

Reverse Engineering: A Basic How-To

The advancements in reverse engineering technology over the last 20 years have been amazing. Exact Metrology's reverse engineering expert Greg Groth answers paramount questions in determining the successful path of data output.

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