3D Scanning Services



When you contact Exact Metrology for 3D scanning services, you can be confident that your data objectives are our top priority. After our application engineers scan your part or mold, the collected data is can be used for both Dimensional Inspection and Reverse Engineering. Whether your needs encompass a comprehensive First Article Inspection or the creation of a detailed CAD model, our expertise and innovative metrology tools ensure the your desired result.

Color Map Inspection of a Car Engine

Dimensional Inspection

Our inspection solutions entail qualifying a part’s dimensional geometric features as well as its freeform surfaces. Capturing scan data for an inspection process gives us the ability to do a point by point analysis of all areas of the part, irrelevant of basic dimensional requirements. An advantage of this process over traditional methods, is its ability to reveal potential disparities in parts that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Consider Dimensional Inspection for the Following:

Product & Tool Inspections

  • First Article Inspections
  • First-Off Inspections (Sampling)

  • In-Process Inspections

  • Die Tryouts

  • Tool and Die Duplication

  • Statistical Sampling

Performance Simulation & Analysis

  • Meshes for Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Meshes for Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Models for Kinematic Analysis

Problem Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Process Variance

  • Tool Rework

Achieving Quality Excellence Together

Explore the 3D Scanning Software Used for Inspection and Reverse Engineering

Post-Processing Data Output - CAD Model

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering requires extracting design or as-built information from a part or assembly of parts in order to duplicate or enhance them. While reverse engineering is known for its use in product design, it can also be used to address many other engineering functions such as custom manufacturing, facilities/plant engineering, architectural, and civil engineering.

Consider Reverse Engineering for the Following:

Product Design & Custom Manufacturing

  • Legacy Part Repair and Re-Manufacturing

  • Product Benchmarking

  • Documentation and Archival

  • Product Redesign

  • Custom-Fit Products

  • Medical Devices

Facilities Maintenance & Plant Engineering

  • Site Documentation and Measurement

  • As-Is Analysis

  • Equipment Placement and Installation

  • Documentation and Archival

Architectural & Civil Engineering

  • Defect/Deterioration Documentation

  • Remodeling and Repair

  • Site Planning

Experience Our Quality of Work

We use our measurement technologies and software to capture, document, and analyze components from sizes as small as a grain of sand to as large as an entire industrial plant. Rotate and interact with our model to see a scanned partial airplane wing in 3D space.