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3D Measurement for Inspection & Analysis

Dimensional Inspection (3D Inspection)

Measurement for Inspection & Analysis

The 3D measurement data from our scanners and PCMMs offers a comprehensive definition of a physical object that is used for measurement, inspection, comparison and reporting. When a part is defined by millions of points, you can see subtle deviations, slight variations and fine details, which gives you the confidence that a part (or mold) meets your specifications. To deliver the best of both worlds, we combine 3D scanning with our contact, touch-probe measurement tools to deliver precise dimensions on geometric shapes.

Once we gather all of the measurements, we use sophisticated 3D scanner software programs to generate 3D laser mapping, first article inspection reports, statistical process reports and 3D models for computer simulation and analysis programs.

Consider 3D inspection for the following:

Product and tool inspections

  • First article inspections
  • First-off inspections (sampling)
  • In-process inspections
  • Die tryouts
  • Tool and die duplication
  • Statistical sampling

Performance simulation and analysis

  • Meshes for finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Meshes for computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Models for kinematic analysis

Problem diagnosis and troubleshooting

  • Root cause analysis
  • Process variance
  • Tool rework

For inspection and analysis applications, the output is usually a simple mesh (STL file). This is then used to generate 3D color maps or inspection reports that compare as-is parts to their nominal design. Other options are also available.

After you tell us your requirements, we will suggest the best technologies and a suitable file format to meet your project’s goals.

Leave the details to us. For now, focus on what you need to do and contact us to discuss the next step.

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No job is too big or too small when it comes to 3D inspection. For years Exact Metrology has been performing 3 dimensional inspections involving or encompassing:

  • Weld fixture verification
  • Particle accelerator installations [for universities]
  • Department of Defense projects
  • Cancer treatment facilities
  • Mining equipment
  • Gas combustion
  • Bio energy
  • Wind farms
  • Nuclear generation power plants
  • Agriculture 

Many of our customer's smaller inspection projects can be done in-house at either of our facilities, while most of our large scale projects are done on site and anywhere in the world.

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