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Class A Polygonal Modeling & Fast Surfacing for Manufacturing Applications.

PolyWorks|Modeler™ is a comprehensive software solution for creating accurate and smooth polygonal models and NURBS surfaces from high-density point clouds.

PolyWorks|Modeler™ is the only software solution that has the capability of creating class A polygonal models for stringent polygonal manufacturing applications such as 3-axis & 5-axis milling, aerodynamic simulation, and digital review.

Allows users to:

  • Transform aligned point clouds into highly accurate polygonal models using PolyWorks’ unique tolerance-based adaptive meshing technology.
  • Reconstruct perfect polygonal features from imperfectly digitized geometry.
  • Apply all typical CAD operations directly to polygonal models and prepare models for a wide variety of manufacturing applications.
  • Use automatic feature-tracking tools to quickly create curve networks containing center curves, fillet tangent lines, sharp edge curves, etc.
  • Constrain the automatic surfacing process to predefined curves in order to create more logical curve networks.
  • Control the rigidity of the fitted NURBS surfaces, mimicking a sheet metal material to get super-smooth surfaces without ripples, or a plastic material to closely follow subtle polygonal details.
  • Optimize subsequent efforts in the downstream CAD application by minimizing the number of control points and patches, increasing the smoothness of patches, and easily creating perfect feature curves.

PolyWorks|Modeler is a comprehensive reverse-engineering software solution that allows extracting optimal CAD entities—curves, surfaces, parametric sketches, and prismatic features—from polygonal models of digitized parts to serve as the starting point in your professional CAD modeling solution. Allowing for:

Polygonal Modeling: Manufacture from polygonal models

Surface Modeling: Generate CAD-friendly freeform surfaces

Solid Modeling: Build solid CAD models from optimized geometric entities

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