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PolyWorks by InnovMetric

PolyWorks® by InnovMetric

The PolyWorks software suite maximizes productivity, quality, and profit when integrating 3D measurement technologies into an industrial manufacturing process--covering the complete product development cycle, from part and tool design and prototyping down to final inspection of assembled products.

As a universal platform, PolyWorks software interfaces directly with major brands and technologies of single-point and point cloud 3D measurement devices through plug-in extension modules. It also supports a wide array of native point cloud and polygonal model file formats.

Flexible and customizable: With a user interface that can be fully personalized in combination with a powerful, user-friendly macroprogramming language, PolyWorks allows users to successfully develop and deploy automatic inspection processes or guided operator-driven workflows for effective shop floor operations.


The industry-standard 3D metrology toolbox for product engineering, assembly guidance, and final inspection.


The modeling and reverse-engineering solution that enables true interoperability between digitized polygonal models and CAD/CAM applications.

Support for Windows XP and Vista

In March 2014, InnovMetric announced that Windows XP and Windows Vista would no longer be supported in PolyWorks 2015. At that time, Innovmetric committed to support these operating systems in PolyWorks 2014 and all its intermediate releases.

Unfortunately, Innovmetric needs to integrate release 25 of Spatial’s InterOp CAD translator technology, which solves several issues with CATIA v5 models, successfully imports UG NX V9 models, and will support the most recent versions of other CAD formats, but it does not support Windows XP and Vista. With so many clients waiting for these significant improvements, Innovmetric followed suit and ended support for these operating systems.

As a result, PolyWorks 2014 IR10 will be the last 2014 intermediate release that supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. Starting with 2014 IR11, PolyWorks will no longer support these operating systems.

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