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Making Accurate 3D Models Has Never Been So Straightforward


An advanced smart mode which guides users through post-processing in a few easy steps, automatically selecting the most effective settings for your data and producing a high precision 3D model.

High precision

Whether you choose Autopilot or manual mode, Artec Studio never compromises on precision.

Optional advanced settings

Artec Studio has a full range of advanced settings, giving experienced users full control and flexibility.

Direct compatibility with CAD

Create a 3D model in Artec Studio and directly export it to SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD or Design X.

3D Radar for easy scanning

Color guided data visualization makes 3D scanning easy. Green tells you that you are holding the scanner at the optimal distance from the object, red means you are too close, and blue, too far away. Simple!

Create, edit and process even huge datasets

Artec Studio is so powerful that you can work with datasets of up to 500 million polygons. Perfect for scanning large objects and for making 3D models in maximum resolution.

Scan even black and shiny objects

Artec Studio features the most advanced algorithms for capturing hard-to-scan surfaces such as hair or shiny, black objects.

No need for markers

Artec's best in class color and geometry tracking means you don't need to stick targets on your object. Just point and shoot!

Glare-free scans

The Automatic Glare Removal feature uses advanced PBR algorithms to rid your scans of glare. Can easily save you hours of time.

Built with speed in mind

Powerful algorithms that process your data in seconds. Automated features to save you time.

Compare Artec Studio Versions

Essential inspection
  15 14
Mesh-to-CAD comparison: import STEP, IGES or X_T files +  
Surface distance maps: deviation from CAD primitives +  
Surface distance maps: speed Lightning fast Standard
Surface distance maps: annotations Improved +
Surface distance maps: export CSV  
Measurements: linear, geodesic, sections, distance maps, volume, annotations. Export to CSV, DXF, XML Improved +
Measurements: Export cross-section area, perimeter length, and mesh volume Improved +
Scan-to-CAD for reverse engineering
  15 14
Fit CAD primitives to 3D model +  
Precise Positioning +  
Sections 15X faster +
Export fitted primitives in STEP, IGES, or X_T CAD formats +  
Export multiple open and closed contours directly to CAD Polyline Polyline
Direct export to Design X + +
Direct export to SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS 2014-2020 SOLIDWORKS 2014-2019
All New User Experience. From raw data to finished 3D model in minimum steps
  15 14
Process grouped 3D data as one unit +  
Auto-group for Eva, Space Spider, and Leo data capture +  
Create custom groups +  
Align grouped data +  
Precisely position grouped data +  
Advanced editing & 3D modeling tools
  15 14
Enhanced color reproduction +  
Auto Glare Removal + +
Bridges + +
Flexible plane selection + +
Model-to-model texture transfer +  
Auto texture correction + +
Texture Healing Brush + +
Lasso Improved +
Enhanced Defeature tool and Eraser + +
Hole filling Superior +
Honed accuracy
  15 14
Auto temperature stabilizer for Eva +  
Next-generation registration for Eva and Space Spider +  
Boosted Autopilot for Leo +  
Smart automation
  15 14
Smart Scanning for Micro Fully automatic. Required: NVIDIA GPU, 3GB VRAM, CUDA compute capability 3.5 or higher Manual and pre-defined trajectories only
Auto-align 30% more effective and up to 2X the speed +
Autopilot: automatic data processing pipeline Boosted +
Scan Size Optimizer +  
Smart Base Removal + +
Easy 3D scanning
  15 14
Auto-brightness Dynamic Dynamic
Automated sensitivity for scanning black, shiny, fine objects + +
3D Radar mode + +
Texture and geometry tracking + +
Fast, powerful 3D processing
  15 14
Project loading Streamlined for speed +
Artec Ray multi-scan import 2X faster +
Max Error mode Auto-tailored to object size +
Support of large datasets Up to 500 million polygons Up to 500 million polygons
Fine Registration Streamlined & optional Streamlined & optional
Texture mapping 8X faster than AS13 8X faster than AS13
Fast mesh simplification + +
X-Ray mode + +
  15 14
Redesigned workspace for ease-of-use +  
Customizable workspace +  
Swipe selection +  
Easy mass rename +  
Auto-export naming + +
Filters +  
Scan info In-depth & advanced Basic
Model color picker Improved +
Sound notification + +
One-click Auto-Positioning + +
3D rotation cube + +
3Dconnexion 3D mouse compatibility + +
Scanner type detection Streamlined Streamlined
Export formats
  15 14
Point Cloud BTX, PTX BTX, PTX
Measurements CSV, DXF, XML CSV, DXF, XML
Hardware support
  15 14
3rd party sensor support N/A N/A
Scanning on MacOS Artec ScanApp beta or Boot Camp Artec ScanApp beta or Boot Camp
Video card compatibility
  15 14
NVIDIA Quadro + +
NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or higher + +
AMD + +
Intel Series 4600 and higher + +

advanced automated post-processing scanning software

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For use with the following Artec 3D scanners:
Artec Micro, Leo, Ray, Space Spider, Eva, Eva Lite

Expanded CAD/CAM Functionality

In the past, exporting over to CAD/CAM applications would require a go-between application to add surfaces to your model. But now in Artec Studio, for some reverse engineering workflows this step has been slashed altogether!

Ideal for Quality Inspection

Users in need of peerless metrology-grade color 3D scanning solutions for quality assurance have reason to celebrate. With our industrial desktop 3D scanner Artec Micro and long-range, tripod-mounted laser scanner Artec Ray, you have all the tools at hand for precise, breathtaking digital capture of objects in Artec Studio. Ideal for quality inspection, reverse engineering, industrial design, and more.

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