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Used! Surphaser 25HSX IR_X Long Range Laser Scanner

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The Surphaser 25HSX IR_X Long Range Laser Scanner is easy to transport.  It can fit into the same overhead bin made for your cabin luggage on domestic airlines. But that’s hardly its only trick. Let’s say you wanted to scan the better part of a 747 jumbo jet. Before you block off several days on your schedule to do that, you’ll be surprised to learn you’d be taking off a lot sooner. Because in just 5 hours, the Surphaser can capture 1 billion data points of a 747’s fuselage.

The system includes:

Surphaser Case, Surphaser Scanner, AC Power Adaptor, Tripod Mount, Power Cord Extension, Long USB Cord, Software Dongle, Surphaser Key Lock, Small USB Cord

Optional Wireless hardware:

Tripod Mount, Wireless Module, Antenna, Charger 2, Dongle, Battery Charger Power Cable 2, Module to Surphaser 4 prong cable, Battery Charger Power Cable 1
Module to Surphaser USB Cable, Battery 3, Battery 2, Battery 1, Charger 1




Ambiguity Range, m


Recommended Work Range


Range Noise

1 sigma, 0.1@3m

Range Uncertainty



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