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Geomagic Capture’s 3D scanner is a small, yet powerful, system that harnesses the power of blue LED structured light to create highly accurate models

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Geomagic Capture is a powerful turnkey 3D scanner and inspection software system that enables accurate, fast scan-to-CAD comparison and dimensioning so you can verify part quality and reduce manufacturing errors.


3D Systems Capture Scanner Specifications

Property                                       Specifications                                

Weight                                            1.45 kg
Dimensions                                 287 x 49 x 81 mm
Data Capture Rate                  985,000 points/scan (approx. 0.3 sec scantime)
Resolution                                      0.08 mm
Accuracy                                  0.060 mm at 300 mm; 0.118 mm at 480 mm
Stand-off Distance                         300 mm
Depth of Field                                180 mm
Field of View                             124 x 120 mm (near) 192 x 175 mm (far)
Computer Requirements         Windows 7/8 64-bit, Quad-core Intel 2 GHz CPU or better, 4 GB RAM or more, 512 MB video card or better, Gigabit Ethernet interface

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High Definition
Measures 985,000 points per shot in 0.3 seconds.
Simple Setup
Take it out, plug it in, and you’re ready to scan.
No calibration or other setup needed.
Ready to take on demanding applications,
the scanner can be used for 3D Scan-Based Design
as well as inspection.
Highly Precise
Accuracy of 60 -118 microns within the field of view.
Compact & Portable
The scanner fits easily on a desk, yet it’s rugged
enough for the shop floor. Fits easily in a carry-on
for convenient travel.


The following products come with purchase;

Capture Case
Capture Scanner
AC Power Adaptor and Power Cord
USB/Ethernet Connection Cable
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*Geomagic brochure

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