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Breuckmann StereoScan 5.0mp 3D White Light Scanner

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Depending on the specific individual requirements of your measuring or digitisation project, the stereoSCAN 3D can be used in various configurations. The alignment of the individual images is carried out on the basis of the object contour itself or with the aid of reference markers or reference spheres. Thanks to these different alignment options, the stereoSCAN 3D can be swiftly and conveniently adjusted to any individual measuring situation. In combination with photogrammetry even large-size measuring objects can be captured without problem.

Included with system:

  • Breuckmann StereoScan 5.0 mp 3D Scanner
  • 60 Lens,125 Lens, 325 Lens, 525 Lens, Glove
  • Screwdriver, Tripod Mount, Allan Wrench
  • Extra Bulb, USB License Dongle, Controller Box
  • Firewire/Serial Power Cable, Calibration Template
  • USB, Controller Power Cable, 50/100, 200/400 Plate
  • ST0234 Sensor, OptoCat Software 2010

No warranty included and post processing software can be added at an additional cost.

Whenever the scanning of most delicate structures or smallest deviations at maximum level of accuracy is required, the stereoSCAN 3D is called into action. Especially in the application of very demanding metrological tasks, the asymmetrical positioning of the cameras ensures optimum flexibility and reliability: Thanks to the implementation of three different triangulation angles, even the data of object areas which are very difficult to access are captured at high accuracy and true-to-detail.  Thanks to the completely contact-free scanning process even hot surfaces as well as fragile or deformable objects are digitised immediately and without problems.

For the most demanding measuring objects or ambient scanning conditions, our high luminosity High Power Projector can additionally be called into action.

stereoSCAN 3D series

stereoSCAN 3D

Three-dimensional metrology at highest level using our patented miniaturised projection technique in a two-camera-system and, thanks to its outstanding mechanical and thermal stability, being universally employable – this is Breuckmann’s stereoSCAN 3D series.



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