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DEMO! 8525-7 Axis Absolute Arm Voted JD Power, Best in Class!

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With the Absolute Arm, it’s all in the design. Design for high measurement productivity, so other manufacturing processes can stay on schedule. Design for practicality, so users can measure in almost any industrial environment. Design for flexibility, to meet the demands of any metrology challenge, anywhere. And flexibility is at the core of the Absolute Arm product range. Flexibility in configuring the arm’s wrist for the needs of the application and the comfort of the operator. Flexibility in swapping probes without having to stop work and calibrate. Flexibility in having measurement results displayed where they’re needed. Flexibility in a product range of 36 different configurations across three types, seven sizes and three accuracy levels. Flexibility in finding the right solution for every measurement need. With the Absolute Arm there’s no need to compromise, no need to settle for second best. Whatever, wherever and however we want to measure, the right choice is right there, by design.



 Built on a platform of advanced technology, the Absolute Arm makes high-accuracy portable measurement effortless. Every part has been designed with practicality, usability and stability in mind. The product of over 35 years of experience in developing articulated measuring arms, it combines a clear picture of the future of portable metrology with the features that users have always wanted to see.


 The unique modular wrist of the Absolute Arm has been specifically designed to make measurement flexible, fast and secure. • Quickly switch between laser scanning and touch probing without interrupting the measurement process. • Pistol grips available in three different sizes – choose the most comfortable fit for the user. • Remove the grip completely to measure hard-to-reach areas such as holes and cavities. • For measurement in the tightest areas even the RS5 Laser Scanner can be removed, and as with all Hexagon probes and scanners, quickly replaced later with no need for recalibration. Whatever the use case, the flexible modular design of the Absolute Arm makes it instantly adaptable and always ready to measure.



The flagship non-contact measurement solution for the Absolute Arm is the RS5 Laser Scanner. It delivers established and reliable 3D scanning technology at high speed. Designed for fast and easy digitization of surfaces and features, whatever the finish or material, the horizontally oriented laser of the RS5 is the definition of ergonomic, easy-to-use non-contact measurement. A wide scan line means parts can be scanned with fewer passes and therefore less time taken. The scanner can be removed from the arm and replaced – even during measurement – with no need for recalibration. All this comes without sacrificing greater laser width to achieve a higher frame rate – with the RS5, all the performance is delivered all of the time: maximum frame rate at maximum laser width. High-speed laser scanning has never been so flexible and accessible.



Combining ultra-high accuracy with small size, the Absolute Arm Compact is designed for optimum results in tight spaces. Featuring an integrated base and a unique counter-weight balancing system for improved ease-of-use, the Absolute Arm Compact can be placed anywhere, even inside a machining center for part alignment. This is high accuracy, guaranteed where it’s needed most. The Compact is also fully compatible with WiFi and battery-operation Control Pack options, as well as the HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner. Put simply, the Absolute Arm Compact is still the world’s most accurate portable measuring arm, with accuracy achievable to within just 6 microns. It’s an incredible package of advanced portable technology that represents the perfect choice for measuring small-to-medium parts with absolute accuracy.



Operating Temperature +5° to +40°C

Storage Temperature -30° to +70°C

Operational Elevation 2000 m

 Relative Humidity 10–90% non-condensing

Marks of Conformity CE – FCC – IC

Power Requirement 110–240 V


Model E UNI P SIZE L DIA P FORM SSA Weight Max. reach
8525-7 0.031 mm 0.012 mm 0.048 mm 0.025 mm  0.048 mm 9.3 kg 2.98 m





Included with this NEW Scanning System;


7-Axis Arm with 2.5 m Measurement Volume 

• Absolute Encoders and SMART Sensors

• Zero-G Counterbalance with SmartLock and HomeDock

• Wrist Display

• Haptic Feedback

• Spin Knob and Spin Grip

• Base Plate with Mounting Ring

• TESA TKJ Ball Probes: 3 mm Ruby / 6 mm Ruby / 15 mm Steel

• Certified Length Standard

• Certified Sphere for Probing

• RDS Maintenance and Interface Software

• Travel Case and Accessory Case

• Power supply

• Hexagon Dust Cover

• ISO 10360-12 Certificate

• 2E-1001 - 24 Month Warranty

RS5 Kit

RS5 Laser Scanner for Scanning in Standard Mode (with Pistol Grip) or in Compact Mode (without Pistol Grip). Removable Pistol Grip for Probing in Standard Mode (with Pistol Grip) or in Compact Mode (without Pistol Grip) Includes:

• RS5 Laser Scanner

• Nose Cone

• 3 sizes of Pistol Grip Handles: Small / Medium / Large

• The medium size grip is mounted on to Pistol Grip main body

• ODU-USB cable 3m • ODU-twin cable - 3m

• Certified Sphere for Probing and Scanning

• System Scanning Certification Report of the complete System Arm with Scanner

Control Pack 3

Wireless Scanning Pack (CP3) shipped fully configured and mounted to the arm The Control Pack 3 provides:

• USB interface for contact and tube probes

• Wired scanner interface (all scanners except HP-L-20.8)

• Stand-alone wireless interface for contact and tube probes

• Stand-alone wireless scanning functionality for the RS5 laser scanner • Two re-chargeable batteries

Magnetic Base with Mounting Ring

Includes 3 magnetic blocks.

Premium Laptop

 Dell Mobile Precision 7720 XCTO Base, Intel Core i7-7820HQ (Quad Core 2.90 GHz, 3.90GHz Turbo, 8MB 35W, Intel Core i7-7820HQ with Thunderbolt 3, NVIDIA Quadro P4000 w/8GB GDDR5, Thermal pad Type-B for Nvidia Graphic Card, 17.3” HD+ (1920x1080) Anti-Glare LED-backlit, 64GB (4x16GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-ECC SDRAM, 2.5 inch 512GB SATA Solid State Drive, Intel WiFi Link 8265 2x2 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2, 6-cell (91Wh) Lithium Ion Polymer battery with ExpressCharge, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 1607 64- bit, Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus Service.

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