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This Portable CMM includes the following:

  • Certified Bar
  • Reference ball
  • Power Supply
  • USB communication cable
  • Arm Cover
  • Case

Probe Kit, Including:

  • Master 15mm
  • 6mm Probe
  • 1.5mm Probe
  • Tesa tip 03989272
  • Tesa Tip 03989232 (2x)
  • Tesa Tip 03989201 (3x)
  • Tesa Misc (4x)


Software included:

  • PCDMIS dongle 238939





Series   Size  Single Point Repeatability Volumetric Accuracy Arm Weight
7525  2.5m/8.2 ft.    0.20mm/0.0008in. +/-0.029mm/0.0011in  8.0 kg / 17.6lbs.



  • RDS

The ROMER proprietary software RDS features SMART technology, allowing total management of checks in the field as well as temperature and shock monitoring.

  • Automated & repeatable Probe Recognition 

Intelligent Quick Change Probes: Swap touch-probes at any time without the need to recalibrate. The Romer Absolute Arm’s repeatable mount allows to change probes on the fly, according to your measurement needs.

  • Instant Feedback

The ROMER Absolute Arm provides immediate acoustic and haptic feedback to the operator, allowing the Romer Absolute Arm to be used in even the harshest industrial environments.

  • Absolute Encoders 

Referencing and warm-up time was for yesterday – just switch the arm on and measure.

  • Measurement Volume

Size does matter: The ROMER Absolute Arm is available in seven lengths between 1.2 m and 4.5 m.

  • Certification

The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact model is available with a choice of ISO 10360-2 or B89.4.22 certification. Additional certifications according to VDI/VDE 2617-9 are also available.

  • Zero G

Zero G counterbalance eliminates torque in the base and arm members, more forgiving of the arm being mounted in a vertical position and puts you in control of the arm.

  • SmartLock

If the Romer Absolute Arm is not in use it can be locked safely into its rest position. SmartLock also allows the arm to be fixed in any intermediate position.

  • Feature Packs

Thanks to easily interchangeable Feature Packs, the functionality of the Romer Absolute Arm can always be enhanced. Feature packs are available for wi-fi communication, wi-fi scanning capability and full battery operation.


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