Exact Metrology - Extreme Measures - November 2014

Driving Traffic to Our Booth

Driving Traffic to Our Booth

Exact Metrology’s Dean Solberg performs a 3D Scan on a Buck for a ‘67 Camaro
using an Artec Scanner at the recent SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Over 60,000 qualified individuals employed within the automotive aftermarket industry reportedly attended the 2014 SEMA Show and plenty of them stopped by the Exact Metrology Booth to find out how they might utilize 3D Scanning on future projects.

Probably the most popular use for 3D Scanners involves rebuilding classic cars via reverse engineering. Over the years we’ve worked on a wide range of measuring and modeling projects in the automotive industry encompassing:

  • Styling
  • Component Design
  • Performance
  • Parts Inspection

At The SEMA Show we showcased Artec 3D Scanners which are simple, quick, accurate, user-friendly and inexpensive—perfectly suited for

  • Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Quality Control

We definitely met as lot of interesting individuals at the show who were interested in our services and equipment—new and used; and we certainly plan on attending SEMA 2015 as well.

67 Camaro

It would be classic to use
3D Scanning to restore a ’67 Camaro .

And when we weren’t 3D Scanning Fenders
we were scanning the Show for Wheels, like these:

Exact Metrology Hits It Out of the Park!

A couple of years ago Exact Metrology helped transform a model of Baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench into a bronze statue outside Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park in a collaboration with sculptor Tom Tsuchiya. You can learn about the white light scanning technology used by reading the article “3D Metrology Helps Transform Landscape in Cincy” which appeared in Quality Magazine.

Spirit of Christ

Tom Tsuchiya and his "Spirit of Christ" sculpture at dedication..

Return Engagement: Exact Metrology Assists Famous Artist
with Can Do Attitude

Norikazu “Tom” Tsuchiya is a nationally known artist recognized for preserving history in 3D—in particular by creating images of significant people as sculptures. Some of his best known bronze sculptures include:

  • The Cincinnati Reds’ Legends of Crosley Field—life-sized statues of Frank Robinson, Ted Kluszewski, Joe Nuxhall and Ernie Lombardi at Great American Ball Park
  • D’Artagnan and St. Xavier at Xavier University
  • The National Football League’s “Madden Most Valuable Protectors” Award—a 102 pound statue (built to be a metaphorical representation of a fortress) which is presented to the team with the best offensive line
  • Famous Cincinnati catcher Johnny Bench at the Reds’ Hall of Fame

Another famous piece Tom designed is “Atlas Recycled”—a sculpture of the mythical Greek titan bearing the earth on his shoulders. This earth though doubles as a recycling receptacle for aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper. Made primarily from reused materials itself, the sculpture features a hidden door on the globe portion to allow the recyclable contents to be removed.

Recently, Exact Metrology had the privilege of being a part of Tom’s “Spirit of Christ” stainless steel sculpture which was dedicated in the honor of Professor Loren Baker outside the Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery on the campus of Biola University.

Comprised of 12 cylinders welded together, this sculpture was inspired in part by his “Atlas Recycled” as it too doubles as a receptacle—only this time it holds canned goods to feed the needy. The cylinders actually represent the 12 baskets used by the disciples to feed the 5,000 as depicted in the Bible. At the same time, the cylinders have removable panels to enable them to receive canned goods.

Another interesting note is that the cylinders are arranged to form the body of a fish, with a tail piece added to complete the image.

In the photo at right, Exact Metrology’s John Legleu is shown using a ROMER Absolute Arm 7 Axis SI with integrated scanner to document a miniature cardboard template of the sculpture. The data was captured in STL file format and enlarged to the size Tom needed.

He and his team from Advanced Welding then manipulated and referenced via a free PolyWorks l Viewer™ in order to more effectively, efficiently and precisely bring the “Spirit of Christ” concept to reality.

Exact Metrology’s John Legleu is shown using a ROMER Absolute Arm 7 Axis SI with integrated scanner to document a miniature cardboard template of the sculpture.

Tom chooses to work with Exact Metrology because he knows our range of equipment and services will always be able to cover his 3D scanning needs from white light to laser-based.

Exact Metrology is proud to be a part of these types of projects which not only advance the capabilities of metrology but also showcase the enormous talents of incredibly gifted artists and humanitarians like Tom Tsuchiya.


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