Exact Metrology - Extreme Measures - September 2014 Automotive Industry Up To Speed With 3D Scanning

Automotive Industry Up To Speed With 3D Scanning

Over the years here at Exact Metrology we have worked on a wide range of measuring and modeling projects in the automotive industry encompassing:

  • Styling
  • Component Design
  • Performance
  • Parts Inspection
  • Accident Reconstruction

At the upcoming SEMA Show November 4 – 7 in Las Vegas, we’ll be showcasing Artec 3D Scanners. They are simple, quick, accurate, user-friendly and inexpensive—perfectly suited for:

  • Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Quality Control

Artec Spider

One popular use of 3D Scanners involves rebuilding classic cars via reverse engineering. Former late night talk show host Jay Leno is known for his car collection. Many of Leno’s vehicles are vintage models for which he can rarely find replacement parts. His solution? A 3D Scanner and 3D Printer to create digital models and print the designs out respectively.
Want to try your hand (with an Artec 3D Scanner in it) on a project? There are limitless possibilities. For example, using the Scan below, the owner can replace the Ford script with his own logo in a 3rd party software for a custom look!

Ford Scan

Be sure to stop by our Booth #16407 in the Tools & Equipment Section of the North Hall. Exact Metrology is a “First Time Exhibitor” at SEMA so we’re going to put the petal to the metal and really do it up right!

Check out both the Artec Spider and Artec Eva we’ll be demonstrating. (If you’re looking for a great deal we also have both a used Artec Spider and a used Artec Eva available for sale on our website.)

The Artec Spider is a hand-held 3D Scanner which is perfect for Computer Aided Design (CAD). It delivers the total package:

  • Incredible Precision
  • High Resolution & Accuracy
  • Superior Detailing

In addition to its high speed & accuracy and real time scanning and fusion, the Artec Spider is especially easy to use—being truly portable and battery operable.

Can’t find it down at Joe’s Auto Body? Take it upon yourself to 3D scan parts and have them rebuilt like this grille.

Ford Grill

Watch Video

Click to Watch a really cool video of an Artec Eva
in action scanning an entire VW Bus

Breuckmann smartSCAN White Light 3D Scanner

This is a true white light system with 5MP double cameras. Using two cameras makes sure the data you get is of the highest accuracy. The smartSCAN provides very clean data for inspection or reverse engineering projects.

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Breuckmann Used Equipment

Artec Spider

Is a new 3D scanner designed specifically for CAD users and perfect for reverse engineering, product design, quality control and mass production. Together with Artec Studio software, it is a powerful, desktop tool for designers, engineers and inventors of every kind.

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Artec Used Equipment

NDI Scantrak

Portable 3D CMM with Probing and Laser Scanning, Model 2000.

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NDI Used Equipment


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