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Eagle Trailers Making Waves with New Technology

Until recently, HLT Limited, custom manufacturer of Yacht Club Trailers as well as Eagle Trailers, employed a relatively tedious system of measuring a boat in order to manufacture a trailer to fit it, using an assortment of tools including string lines, digital protractors, and tape measures. This old system of measuring was a painstaking process that was physically challenging, time consuming and not always exact.

But today Eagle Trailers is hitching its success to 3D Scanning Technology and seeing smooth sailing ahead.

After hooking up with the Engineering and Sales Team at Exact Metrology, a measurement and scanning solutions provider, it was determined that a Long Range Scanning Device would save time and provide more accurate measurement. An Exact Metrology representative said a boat or yacht presented an application perfectly suited for the “versatility, portability and productivity of a phase-based scanner with as-built survey and topographic capability.”

The scanning process is extremely helpful in accurately detailing hull shapes and through-hull fittings. Moreover, HLT Limited has seen their efficiency improve dramatically. Although the time it takes to scan is similar to the time it took to measure previously, information gained is much more precise and transforming the scanned files to a completed trailer pattern is much quicker.

“It’s almost unfathomable how long we went before discovering what an advantage 3D Scanning could be for our business,” said Jeff Harklau, “with the real benefit being our customers receive a more highly engineered and precisely manufactured product.”


Open House Wednesday, June 18th

PolyWorks Open House

PolyWorks 2014 is a groundbreaking version of InnovMetric’s universal 3D metrology software platform and is packed with new and enhanced functionalities that deliver significant gains in productivity. PolyWorks 2014 brings to market an industry first—a real-time quality meshing technology that will transform laser scanning.

This will be a hands-on opportunity to learn how to/why to use PolyWorks 2014 from the professionals at Exact Metrology. Informational and educational, it’s sure to be a scantastic event!


Coffee and pastries 9:00–9:30 a.m.
What’s new in V-14 9:30–11:30 a.m.
Lunch/Discussions/Demos 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Seminars/Macro Generation Discussions/Training 1:00–2:15 p.m.
Q&A/Demos/How To’s 2:15–3:30 p.m.
Address 20515 Industry Avenue
Brookfield, WI 53045
RSVP 262.533.0800



Here’s a look at some of the items we’ve been requested to quote on scanning recently:

• Archeological Monuments
• Golf Driving Range Radome
• Jewelry
• CPU Cooler Fan
• Motorcycle Handlebar
• Aerospace Reflective Tape
• Manholes
• Weld Fixtures
• Four Parts of a Violin
• Injection-molded Plastic Housings
• Industrial Plant Services & Piping
• Convertible Top Bow for Vintage Porsche

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