Exact Metrology - Extreme Measures - February 2014 Sub-Zero Warms Up to Exact Metrology

Sub-Zero Warms Up to Exact Metrology

Mark Swartz, Corporate Quality Director for Sub-Zero & Wolf, a premium manufacturer of built-in luxury appliances, heads a team whose responsibility revolves around process and making sure the company meets or exceeds customers’ design and quality specifications. He is also involved deeply in all new product development phases.

He first started working with us 11 years ago when Sub-Zero and Wolf were interested in implementing more automation in their production facilities; finding ways to be more precise in their measurements; and getting a better understanding of their internal process capabilities.

At that time, the company purchased a portable Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) because it was very portable and agile and could be taken anywhere in the facility, including onto shop floor and into labs. The company has since purchased numerous pieces of equipment including laser scanning inspection devices and very large stationary CMMs to assist in reverse engineering and the scanning of parts complete.

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Spotlight to Shine on Exact Metrology

at SPAR International 2014

SPAR Point Group organizes conferences and provides news and information for professionals involved in 3D imaging technologies. April 14 – 17 its SPAR International 2014 Conference will focus on business and technology considerations for end-to-end measurement.

Conference participants represent the breadth of 3D markets including process and power, civil infrastructure, building & architectural, entertainment & gaming, forensic & security, and digital cultural preservation.

And one of the presenters at SPAR International 2014 will be Exact Metrology’s very own Michael Trudeau (at right)—our Outside Services Coordinator who has over 15 years of experience in the fields of precision inspection and reverse engineering. He will address the “Discharge Head Replacement Project at Energy Northwest Columbia Station”.

Michael Trudeau

SPAR International

Presentation Sneak Peak


Here’s a look at some of the items we’ve been requested to quote on scanning recently:

• Stamping Die
• Glue on the End of a Wire
• Plastic Parts
• Intake Port of a Racing Engine
• Feet
• Series of Bearing Journals on a Hollow Shaft
• Mouse Heads
• Tanks and Filters for Printers
• Custom Car
• Face Milling Cutter Body

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Part Scan


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