3D Scanning Services and Equipment

Hemispherical 3D Scanner Surphaser 100HSX

Hemispherical 3D Scanner
Surphaser® 100HSX

  • Submillimeter accuracy with scan ranges from 1 to 100 m
  • Speed of scanning up to 1.2millions point per second
  • Robust construction, designed to operate in tough industrial and outdoors environments
  • Easy to set up and move, fits into a carry-on size case
  • Optional built-in PC controller and snap-on battery allow for operation without a laptop and main power
  • Optional camera system with 150 megapixel equivalent color image
  • Three models - Short Range (SR), Intermediate Range (IR) and Extended Range (ER)
  • IR and ER models have software selectable options for lower noise or longer range allowing customer to select an option with best fit for the job requirements

Surphaser® 100HSX Configuration Options:

Configuration SR_100 IR_100HQ4 IR_100HS4 ER_100HQ5 ER_100HS5
Recommended Work Range (m) 1-7 1-35 1-50 1.5-70 1.5-120
Ambiguity Range (m) 90 90 90 180 180
Angular Uncertainty1,3 arc sec 15 15 15 15 15
Range Noise1,2 mm, 90% reflectivity 0.024@4m   0.07@10m 0.16@10m 0.07@10m 1.2@7m 0.25@10m; 1.8@100m
Range Noise1,2 mm, 10% reflectivity 0.088@4m 0.41@10m 0.3@10m 0.4@10m 0.6@10m
Range Uncertainty3 mm <0.3@3m <0.35@5m <0.7@15m <0.7@15m <0.7@15m

1All Noise and uncertainty figures are for 1 sigma level
2Range Noise -- local (short term) range variation
3Evaluated with contrast target best fit
4IR_100HQ and IR_100HS are software selectable options based on the same hardware model IR_100
5ER_100HQ and ER_100HS are software selectable options based on the same hardware model ER_100

System Parameters may be changed without notice; parameters are rated independently

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