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ROMER Absolute Arm Accessories

Hexagon (ROMER) Absolute Arm Accessories

Making the Most of Measurement

All ROMER Absolute Arm models are compatible with a wide range of functional and effective accessories, from scanners and probes to mounting and volume expansion systems.

HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner

Accessible and user-friendly, the HP-L-8.9 laser scanner can turn Absolute Arm 6-Axis systems into simple laser scanning solutions. This is the ideal accessory for customers looking to add rich point cloud data collection to their metrology capabilities.

HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner

With advanced 'flying-dot' laser scanning technology, the HP-L-20.8 is an alternative laser scanning solution for 7-Axis arms desinged for challenging measurement surfaces.

Probing Attachments

From infra-red non-contact probes for measuring tubes of different diameters, to angled probes for measuring difficult to access features, the ROMER Absolute Arm is compatible with over 100 versatile probing options.

Mounting Options

A selection of bases, tripods and stands compatible with every ROMER Absolute Arm, attachable through the specially designed ROMER Mounting Ring.

Large Volume Measurement

Volume expansion accessories allow the ROMER Absolute Arm to measure parts and objects beyond its standard reach.

Extended measurement can be achieved with a Leap Frog Kit that allows the arm to measure from different stations. For more demanding applications, the ROMER GridLOK system creates an expanded measurement arena within which the arm can be repositioned anywhere with no undue loss of accuracy.

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