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Artec Ray 3D Scanner

Artec Ray 3D Scanner

artec ray 3d scanner

Industry-Leading Long-Range Accuracy, Ideal for 3D Scans of Large Objects

With the Artec Ray you can accurately scan objects up to 110-meters away. The professional LIDAR solution is ideal for large-scale projects.

The Artec Ray 3D Scanner is a powerful three-dimensional scanner that was designed to provide industry-leading accuracy. The Ray is the ideal solution for large industrial projects and creating large-scale 3D renderings. This 3D scanner is surprisingly lightweight and portable, meaning you can simply set up the device on a tripod and begin scanning your object.

There’s no need for in-depth site preparation, which saves you time and money on your 3D scanning project. As the most accurate 3D scanner in its class, the Artec Ray uses state of the art laser technology to create highly-detailed 3D composite images.

The Artec Ray reduces noise levels by integrating submillimeter distance precision and world-class angular accuracy. That means that you’re getting exceptional 3D scans of large sites and objects. Not only are you going to get enhanced scans, but you’re also going to get them in a fraction of the time when compared to other large-scale 3D scanners on the market today.

Offering ultra-precise images with clean data capture and reduced processing times, the Artec Ray 3D Scanner is the ideal solution for your next large-scale project.

Accessible and convenient 3D data capture

Portable and compact, this versatile long-range LIDAR solution is the latest in 3D laser scanning. An inbuilt battery lets you scan both indoors and outdoors for up to 4 hours, without a need for a power source nearby, making this a perfect solution for onsite 3D scanning.

Streamlined 3D Data Capture

The Artec Ray 3D Scanner is a mobile 3D scanner that can easily be transported from site to site, allowing for precise long-range imaging. The long-lasting battery allows you to scan for up to four hours at a time, making the Artec Ray a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor projects across multiple sites.

Simplified Image Processing with Artec Studio

Make processing your 3D scans easier than ever with the simple to use Artec Studio software. Featuring a wide range of processing and editing tools, the intuitive interface makes it simple to process and export your image to Geomagic Design X. By integrating Artec Studio into your business, processing large 3D scans will be simpler than ever.

A Full-Service Scanning Experience

Take your 3D scanning to the next level by pairing your Artec Ray 3D Scanner with a portable handheld scanner such as the Eva or Leo scanner. By using both long and close-range scanning solutions, you can quickly and accurately capture large objects as well as their intricate details. Regardless of what industry you’re in, Exact Metrology’s lineup of Artec Scanners can help your business succeed.

To get started with the Artec Ray 3D Scanner, contact the team at Exact Metrology today.

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artec ray 3d scanner


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