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Power Generation/Nuclear

Power Generation/Nuclear

This is a special case of the “run-of-the-mill” 3D scanning we do for plant engineering. As with any facility, plant operators want to document the physical location and as-is state of equipment, piping, hardware and structures. But the twist is that the environment is potentially hazardous and downtime must be minimized.

Our experienced and professional team has the technology and know-how to scan the complex, hard to reach and hazardous areas of your nuclear power plant or conventional power generation facility. Utilizing our multi-discipline backgrounds and wide range of scanning knowledge, we will provide you with highly accurate data for you to review from the comfort and safety of your desk.

Time & Money

According to a SparView article (Vol. 7, No. 18), ”Plant operators report that the speed of laser scanning allows them to attain the needed measurements inside containment structures and other areas within tight shutdown or ’outage‘ schedules-often times up to 10% less time than traditional methods.“ With a daily operational cost approaching $1 million for a nuclear plant, that time reduction results in big savings. The article also stated, ”Cost savings of between five and seven percent are attributed to fewer and shorter site visits as well as the resultant high-quality data used for verification and inspection.“


  • Leica HDS6000 high-definition, phase-shift laser scanner
  • Leica Absolute laser tracker
  • Surphaser hemispherical laser scanner

To ensure that shutdowns are minimized, Exact Metrology’s team works closely with plant management and operators to complete the scanning task within the scheduled downtime. We can also create a portable office at your facility to monitor the 3D laser scanning process and the conversion to CAD drawing for the entire duration of the project.

Survey Control

With our years of experience with long range scanning and surveying, we are able to tie into an existing control to hand over scan data in its proper coordinate system. Using common control makes laser scanning even faster and reduces the processing time to produce tightly registered point clouds tied to a plant’s coordinate system.


Before any project begins, Exact Metrology works with the client to clearly define their desires and needs. We will work with you to hand over the best data for your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your power plant scanning project.

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