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Contract Measurement Services: Industries

Contract Measurement Services: Industries

For many years we have offered contract measurement services to industrial, manufacturing and construction companies. We have scanned, probed, analyzed and inspected all sorts of manufacturing items and physical structures. Plus, we have extended our services into new, emerging and growing applications in non-traditional industries.

Over the years, we have used our 3D scanning and coordinate measuring machine technologies to capture, document and diagnose products from a wide spectrum of manufacturing industries. A few diverse application examples are:

  • Bottles and packaging for consumer goods
  • Foundry castings for heavy equipment
  • Airfoils for gas turbine engines
  • Housings for consumer electronics
  • Body panels for automobiles

Our 3D laser scanners and trackers are also out in the field documenting and measuring large structures, such as:

  • Piping layouts in manufacturing facilities
  • Interior galleries of historical structures
  • Facades of multi-story buildings

While manufactured products and physical structures represent a large portion of our projects, there are many other industries that turn to us to convert physical objects into 3D scans with accompanying digital data. Below  are a few noteworthy examples.

Power Generation/Nuclear

This is a special case of the ”run-of-the-mill“ 3D scanning we do for plant engineering. As with any facility, plant operators want to document the physical location and as-is state of equipment, piping, hardware and structures. But the twist is that the environment is potentially hazardous and downtime must be minimized.

Our experienced and professional team has the metrology equipment, technology and know-how to scan the complex, hard to reach and hazardous areas of your nuclear power plant or conventional power generation facility. And we do it in your outage schedule.


Our 3D scanning work in the medical field includes:

  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Implants, orthotics and prosthetics
  • Human structures

In this broad field we work with design engineers, manufacturing engineers, doctors, researchers and scientists.


What makes aerospace stand out from the other manufacturing industries that we serve is the volume of 3D scanning and large-scale metrology that is done. Aerospace was an early adopter of 3D scanners, portable CMMs [PCMMs], laser scanners and  laser trackers, and it continues to be a top user of scanning services and data. Another aspect that makes it unique is that for a single project, we may combine a 3D scanner with a tiny field of view and a long-range laser tracker.

For aerospace, we have done it all...everything from reverse engineering of a flight control to 100% capture of an entire fighter aircraft.

Art & Science

This broad category has had amazing growth in the use of 3D scanning services and  technology. Maybe it is the creative mind or the quest for scientific discovery that has made the arts and sciences so keen to use non-contact measurement to capture the real world and transform it into a digital form. Whatever the reason, we have scanned interesting and fascinating objects like the Buchmann Bee, Mammoth Cave and Parker’s Angel; beautiful and striking sculptures and statues; and many fun and fascinating creations for animation.

If you don’t see your industry within these examples, give us a call. Odds are that we will be able to tell you that we have worked in that field, too. If you are in one of the industries listed, consider including us in your next request for quotation.

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