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GOM CT Challenge

The GOM CT Challenge - We're Putting Our Money Where Our Scan Is

Here’s the deal: If you’re looking at purchasing a CT Scanner, show us the scan data you’ve gathered from the other system[s] you’re considering so we can compare it against the GOM CT Scanner. The difference will be clear to see and make your decision on which manufacturer to choose and what scanner to buy much easier. For proof, look at the example scans below and discover the most accurate Industrial X-ray CT Scanner on the market.

Participate in our GOM Challange and we will send you your scan data and a $30 gift card to Best Buy.

See the contest Rules & Regulations for details.

Data Quality

Deviation between different positions Competitor #2


We're up to the Challenge, are you?

Call Steve from Exact Metrology at 513-815-4491 or fill out the short form

Contest Rules & Regulations

  1. No purchase is necessary to participate
  2. Must be the exact same part scanned elsewhere by an Exact Metrology competitor using non GOM equipment
  3. Part must be available [out of house] for 4 weeks
  4. Part must have been scanned, or be able to be scanned, on a 225kV machine and fit into a 240mm diameter by 400mm height volume
  5. Customer must supply competitor scanning data to be used in comparison
  6. Only one entry per corporation
  7. Exact Metrology has the right to deny or suspend the Challenge at its own discretion
  8. Contest limited to the first 10 entries
  9. If a NDA is required it must be submitted prior to shipping sample
  10. Final decision as to the superior scan will be the customer's

Call Steve from Exact Metrology at 513-815-4491 for any questions regarding the GOM CT Challenge

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