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Romer 7730SEI 3D Laser Scanner and One Year Warranty

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    Included with purchase are the following; 

Romer Absolute 7 Axis 7730SEI-5128-UC

Romer Probe Kit

Romer Standard Probe – 6mm Ball, 50mm length

Romer Standard Probe – 15mm Ball, 50mm length

Romer Standard Probe – 3mm Ball, 50mm length

Romer Absolute USB Cable

Romer Power Adapter

Romer Probe Calibration Sphere

Romer Probe Calibration Bar

Romer Magnetic Base

Calibration Certificates

Absolute Arm Software and Documentation CD

Dust Cover

Shipping Case

Netgear USB



The Romer Absolute Arm’s repeatable mount allows to change probes on the fly, according to your measurement needs.

Instant Feedback
The ROMER Absolute Arm provides immediate acoustic and haptic feedback to the operator, allowing the Romer Absolute Arm to be used in even the most harsh industrial environments.


Absolute Encoders 
Referencing and warm-up time was for yesterday – just switch the arm on and measure.

Measurement Volume
Size does matter: The ROMER Absolute Arm is available in seven lengths between 1.2 m and 4.5 m.

All ROMER Absolute Arms including scanning systems pass through B89.4.22 certification. Additional certifications according to VDI/VDE 2617-9 are also available. The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact model is available with a choice of ISO 10360-2 or B89.4.22 certification.

Zero G
Zero G counterbalance eliminates torque in the base and arm members, more forgiving of the arm being mounted in a vertical position and puts you in control of the arm.

If the Romer Absolute Arm is not in use it can be locked safely into its rest position. SmartLock also allows the arm to be fixed in any intermediate position.

Feature Packs
Thanks to easily interchangeable Feature Packs, the functionality of the Romer Absolute Arm can always be enhanced. Feature packs are available for wi-fi comunication, wi-fi scanning capability and full battery operation.



Discover dramatic results with the ROMER Absolute Arm with:

Faster inspections
Perform real time adjustments to equipment on the production floor
Minimized production wait times
Scrap and rework reductions
Elimination of manual data entry
Simply take the measuring arm to the part, switch it on and start measuring.


The possibilities for 3D laser scanning are limited only by your imagination. Common applications include:

Inspection and Validation

Laser scanning produces a 3D point cloud for cloud-to-CAD comparison, feature recognition for dimensional inspection, part mating, contour measurement and
GD&T analysis.

Reverse Engineering

Parts are quickly digitized and the resulting 3D model can be converted to CAD to describe a sample or prototype part.

Rapid Prototyping

A sample part or physical model is scanned and converted to an STl file representation of the part, which can then be reproduced with a 3D printer.

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