White Light Scanners

White Light Scanners from Breuckmann

Breuckmann manufactures portable 3D white light scanners. Their white light 3-D image-forming metrology systems are tailored for three purposes: industrial applications, the human body, and arts and culture. The patented MPT projector (Miniature Projection Technique) takes advantage of triangulation to produce the most highly processed image possible.

3D Metrology & Digitalization

stereoScan 3d

Breuckmann stereoSCAN 3D White Light Scanner

stereoSCAN is extremely flexible and precise. Integrating the patented MPT projection unit and 2 digital cameras allows assessment of areas that would traditionally be difficult to reach.


smartScan 3d -he

Breuckmann smartSCAN 3D-HE White Light Scanner

The smartSCAN 3D-HE measurement and digitization system is result of the progressive development and enhancement of our successful smartSCAN 3D product range.


body scan

Breuckmann bodySCAN White Light Scanner

bodySCAN has been developed for the digitization of full human bodies. It is based on Breuckmann’s long-term experience with skin and face measurements and is the result of consistent enhancement of its in-vivo metrology series.


b-Inspect 3d

b-Inspect 3D

The Breuckmann b-INSPECT 3D is a white light scanning system for the measurement of turbine and compressor blades, vanes, buckets, nozzles and other structural parts on the production floor.

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