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ROMER Scanner

Portable CMM Measuring Arms

Portable measuring arms allow you measure on the machine or shop floor. They feature no homing procedures, simplicity of operation and reliable 3D measurements. Articulated arms can be equipped with different length probes and scan heads to measure even difficult-to-access points either optically or by touch.

Romer is well known for their scan arm selection ranging from the Absolute Arm to the portable Infinite Scan Shark. If you’re looking for a portable coordinate measuring machine system (CMMS), then a Romer Arm has 3D scanning equipment and software for your application.

Absolute Arm - 7 Axis SE

The Romer Absolute Arm 7-Axis "SE" series is the ultimate modular scanning solution. Its redesigned ergonomic handle is easily converted from an external scanner to an integrated version.  Sensory feedback makes it ideal for harsh shop floor conditions while its low-weight, high accuracy features are perfect for reverse-engineering applications.

The Absolute Arm seven axis "SE" series allows the connection of interchangeable high performance external laser scanners.  Removing the scanner allows the system to function as a 7 axis "pistol grip" tactile inspection system.

Absolute Arm - 7 Axis SI

The universal scanning solution for all types of parts and applications.

The newly redesigned Romer Absolute Arm 7-Axis "SI" series with integrated laser scanner delivers the convenience of a fully integrated 3D scanning solution. The scanner is incorporated into the seventh axis and rotates around the probe for a more natural feel. The SI version of the Absolute Arm is easily converted to an SE version to accept an externally mounted laser scanner.

ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner is the first portable arm system in the market that is factory calibrated and certified to B89 specifications.

Absolute Arm - 6 Axis

The new ROMER Absolute Arm is absolutely advanced--redesigned to ensure the ultimate user experience. A new ergonomicwrist is the first to be designed around the complex contours of the human hand. Sensory feedback enables users to take measurements in even the most challenging shop environments.

The ROMER Absolute Arm is still the easiest and fastest to use in the industry. Intelligent Quick Change Probes require no special tools or recalibration after probe changes. Absolute encoders "know" where the arm is at all times, eliminating the need for complex homing procedures. A thermally stable dual carbon fiber tube construction does not lock up when temperatures change.

Tube Inspection

Discover the cost-effective solution for non-contact precision measurement of tubes.

The ROMER Tube Inspection solution uses infrared and laser technology to measure bend paths for tube inspections and reverse engineering applications. The system is able to be upgraded to interface directly to a CNC tube bending machine for instant corrections.

The ROMER Tube Inspection Solution is the only portable true tube inspection solution on the market. It can be used in the field to measure and reverse engineer pipes, lines, and tubes to fabricate replacements on the spot for process industries and MRO applications.


Absolute Arm SE

Handle is easily converted from an external scanner to an integrated version.

Absolute Arm SI

The ROMER Absolute Arm SI is the first ROMER arm that features a 3D laser scanner integrated directly into the wrist. This completely integrated scanning system can scan up to 30,000 points per second.

Absolute Arm

The ROMER Absolute Arm is the lightest, most accurate, most flexible ROMER arm ever.

Tube Inspection

Provides all the tools needed to inspect everything from hydraulic tubing to exhaust pipe. When used with the optional magnetic base, the system is the only portable tube inspection system on the market.

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